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Is there anywhere irc channel for TED community?

Where is any place to chat in a real-time with TED community?

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    Jun 7 2013: I should have added that if you have a suggestion and want to make sure a TED staffer or administrator sees it, send an email to

    The staff/admins do not monitor all the posts here, but through email you always have a direct line!
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      Jun 8 2013: Yes, It can't hurt to send the "Please implement a chat option" to TED again every now and then. But people have been sending that to TED for years (I've done it once for example) and the reaction is somewhat lacking.

      I really think that The Great TED conversation and the Wiki created from it has a greater chance of getting things like this come through... But an email can't hurt...
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        Jun 8 2013: Here is my concern, which I think ZX expressed in your other thread. Have you explored with whether they welcome the wiki you have initiated independently for how to improve the site?

        Or are you thinking, rather, that your wiki is a good way to pressure to adopt changes that they may have considered but not decided to make from the thread Ladan Wise, TED's products director, opened just 6 months ago to gather community suggestions (in which they got hundreds of comments to consider)?

        I think in the interest of transparency it is worth clarifying, if it is true, whenever you steer people to your site via a link that the wiki you have launched is not a TED project or initiative but rather your own for which you seek community participation.
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    Jun 7 2013: I think it has to be implemented here on TED, There are however lots of different Facebook and Linked-In groups that have such features.

    However it should be a part of TED.

    If you'd like to help in adding it to our (yet small) collection of ideas for TED Improvements it would be much appreciated.
    The Great TED Conversation:
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    Jun 7 2013: The TED Conversations administrators occasionally run a live chat here with a guest or a couple of guests who have either presented a talk or published a TED book. Those run for a limited period with the guest, for example an hour, and then people can continue to post thereafter.

    When these are soon to happen, the thread is opened several days in advance as a featured conversation.