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Do you for Foresee a Bright Future? We face greater and increasing threats to how we now live, do you THINK we can change?

Will the general way of life continue to improve for a bright future?
...a broad and daunting question that doesn't require long specific answers for each point (these are only some that come to mind), this should focus mostly to be a debate of opinions on our ability to change and not a prose of everyone’s comprehensive answers, they would not be read!

-Technology may be advancing, but can we afford to make and distribute it effectively?
-The global population is increasing (nearly 7billion) and is predicted to skyrocket... Can we feed ourselves; I've heard on TED that in short yes, but can we carry this out and tackle the logistics?
-Environmental disasters are a big issue for our dense populations in way of casualties and time to recover services (water, roads, electricity)... consider the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, might this get worse and as some argue, more frequent?
-Again for the population increase, energy & fossil fuels: cars, electricity... I shouldn't need state details for this point!!

--I'm sure as with nearly all things, the answer is not simple and black & white, and that opinions are subjected to things like:
media hype, over-publicity of extreme predictions, and increasing awareness that disasters happen all the time,

However, I still feel that we need to change/adapt our ways for the future and not all these issues will come at once, be as severe, or happen at all, but to varying degrees I think we lack enough realistic thought...

can we change, the number of people to influence is growing.


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  • Apr 7 2011: Your right, the human race lacks goals. The human race is just trying to survive and not trying to evolve.
    There has been 1000's of discoveries that have been destroyed by the major companies scared of losing business.
    Power and money have endrenched the mind.
    a bright future is possible but everyone has to be the same. Mans biggest downfall is its ego

    Theres a million ways to generate electricity and million ways to make food. Planet earth is sustainable by itself if fossil fuels would stop choking her

    We can change but it wont stop the fall of man. Extinction is the reality, All life dies eventually its just a matter of seeing how long we can last

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