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Are you comfortable with NSA collecting your personal data?

'Top secret PRISM program claims direct access to servers of firms including Google, Facebook and Apple'

The National Security Agency has obtained direct access to the systems of Google, Facebook, Apple and other US internet giants, according to a top secret document obtained by the Guardian.


Well, all of us already knew so I don't think it has surprised anyone... but I'd like to know opinions of TED community, are you comfortable with fact that USA Gov. is continuously collecting your personal data?

@People who say 'nothing to hide, nothing to fear' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oAKtBpdZSw


Closing Statement from Kareem Fahim

Majority of people are annoyed by this 'data collection'. Western Govs., defenders of 'freedom' 'democracy' and 'input_word' are mere bunch of hypocrites. Although it is shocking how some people are defending NSA and these faceless entities... (maybe they are 'trolls' or NSA paid users...).

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    Jun 21 2013: CONT...commentary,
    Also, I would like to add that as a L.G.I. (Lesser Government Individual) whom believes and promotes lesser government and preservation of the God given liberties we all share from birth along with our sovereign Constitutional rights, that I DO NOT HIDE behind a screen name or mask, and will never be ashamed of what I believe in and speak publicly. As a matter of fact I want the NSA, CIA, FBI to be on notice that I am here and watching, and they already know me well and know what I do as a concerned citizen of the west.
    The mission and goal is simple and that is a bit different than the Intelligence agencies. To bring truth and transparency to the uninformed among us, and expose corruption in secrecy to bring accountability and justice to the guilty in government. When the government itself becomes our own domestic enemy as they infringe upon our rights as citizens, then people need to speak out as do I. My letters of concern both e-mail and hard mail has been sent to all these entities and they know exactly who I am, what i do, where I reside, and all my information, and I want it that way!
    The main point within my answer to the main question is: "Absolute power corrupts absolutely", and we must stand against tyranny and radical progressive tyrants in government that do not care about personal freedoms and liberties, as it stands in their way.
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        Jun 22 2013: Thank you for being candid, even though i expected not any comments in reply. I sometimes feel alone out here in cyberspace and the truth and transparency life. My fingerprint in cyberspace is well watched and sometimes I forget how vulnerable it can place individuals in with my spitting steel as I do. But, I enjoy what I do, and to me that is all that matters. I'm glad you know what is important and are willing to share your thoughts in such drastic measures and time we live in as all eyes are upon us each and every day. Actually, it's nothing new about the NSA, it's just that the uninformed is just now finding out about it. I'm one of the rare one's that have not much fear and cannot be intimidated by their tactics and schemes. I know them well, and that is their problem and they know to not mess with me as I have too much information on these so called INTELLIGENCE agencies. hahaha, I have more intelligence in a strand of hair. It's the one's that hide behind a screen name and hack into servers and websites is the one's that they are after mainly. It's kinda funny you said," I cannot download my thoughts", I went a step further and put mine on CD. My contact list for truth and transparency has no borders and I have contacted many local as foreign dignitaries and heads of state including most intelligence agencies and I tell them like it is, and I believe they respect that in me and others like me as being a non government individual, meaning I am a civilian and not a government employee with legal access to confidential classified information. Most everything I share is from material researched and gathered by myself that is already public on the web, and in my own inherit perspective and thoughts. There is nothing to fear except fear itself, and to be vigilant and proactive with pride in a mission of truth which has not an agenda, makes NO ONE a tyrant, criminal, or terrorist, and I am here to prove that. If they call it classified it usually means wrongdoing.

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