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We just lost the constitutinal right to take Monsanto to court if their GMO crops sicken or kill us. Any comment?

Is this still America when the government grants freedom from responsibility for creating dangerous or deadly products to giant corporations? How can we protect ourselves when our bees are dying because of Round-up and Monsanto can easily get laws passed that free it from any responsibility for its products and the damage they cause, like killing all the bees?


Closing Statement from Spring Bright

I am glad a lot of people are well informed about GMOs, the death of bees and the battle for our right to know what's in our food.
Not long ago we didn't have to spend hours reading labels. Peanut butter was defined as peanuts and salt. maybe with sugar. Now hundreds of untested chemicals are added to food. We should not be forced to read labels to protect ourselves.
When companies don't have to disclose GMOs in our food we've lost the right to defend ourselves and our families. Anyone who is in favor of gun rights should be in favor of the right to know what's in our food and to not eat anything they find objectionable or even questionable. Shouldn't they?

Mr. Colera argues that GMOs aren't "conclusively proven" to be bad. I'm sorry, but corporations should not have all the rights. People deserve to have safe, unadulterated food and corporations should have to prove what they are adding to food is "conclusively safe" not the other way around.

They're adding "new" foods, they're profiting from GMOs, let them prove they're "conclusively safe" before they can sell them.
That's the logical, sensible, fair way to protect the public from "new" things.
People should not accept any industry assurance that something unproven to be safe should be allowed in food.

Why isn't this a major election issue? It should be.

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  • MR T

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    Jun 13 2013: Are tobacco farmers murderers? Monsanto makes products, people buy them.
    • Jun 13 2013: Cigarettes have warning labels, GMOs do not. Yet they both cause cancer. A CEO of Monsanto was quoted saying "Putting a label on products that have GMO's in them, would be like putting a skull and cross bones on it!
      • MR T

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        Jun 13 2013: There is no evidence that GMO's cause cancer. However their is evidence that cigarettes do. I'm sure the CEO did not mean that literally, more that the media has given people a bad impression of GMO's meaning Its not going to sell if they use 'GMO' in their branding.
        • Jun 13 2013: If there is none, which is impossible to state, as a) you have a corrupted fda process, b) you dont know the long term implications.

          And why oh why was so much, and I mean so much effort put in to making sure the prop in California not get passed?

          Wasn't done for their (Monsanto's) health, now was it.
        • Jun 13 2013: Mr T here is an article about a little county called France that is in the process of during Monsanto for chemical poisoning. They have proven that GMO's cause cancer. There are also many reports done by very accredited US scientist that prove the same thing. These are not reported on and ignored by our regulatory system because it has been infiltrated by the corporations and industries that seek to control it.

          WAKE UP!!!! Don't stop to smell the roses they may kill you!

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