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We just lost the constitutinal right to take Monsanto to court if their GMO crops sicken or kill us. Any comment?

Is this still America when the government grants freedom from responsibility for creating dangerous or deadly products to giant corporations? How can we protect ourselves when our bees are dying because of Round-up and Monsanto can easily get laws passed that free it from any responsibility for its products and the damage they cause, like killing all the bees?


Closing Statement from Spring Bright

I am glad a lot of people are well informed about GMOs, the death of bees and the battle for our right to know what's in our food.
Not long ago we didn't have to spend hours reading labels. Peanut butter was defined as peanuts and salt. maybe with sugar. Now hundreds of untested chemicals are added to food. We should not be forced to read labels to protect ourselves.
When companies don't have to disclose GMOs in our food we've lost the right to defend ourselves and our families. Anyone who is in favor of gun rights should be in favor of the right to know what's in our food and to not eat anything they find objectionable or even questionable. Shouldn't they?

Mr. Colera argues that GMOs aren't "conclusively proven" to be bad. I'm sorry, but corporations should not have all the rights. People deserve to have safe, unadulterated food and corporations should have to prove what they are adding to food is "conclusively safe" not the other way around.

They're adding "new" foods, they're profiting from GMOs, let them prove they're "conclusively safe" before they can sell them.
That's the logical, sensible, fair way to protect the public from "new" things.
People should not accept any industry assurance that something unproven to be safe should be allowed in food.

Why isn't this a major election issue? It should be.

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    Jun 9 2013: Tort lawyers are not heroes, especially on class action suits, I would change my mind if they had to pay court costs if they lost. Most corporations are not your straw man but small business' that are exploited by the tort lawyers. It has nothing to do with justice.

    Do you have any proof that bees are being killed by round up?

    On the other side of the Monsanto coin people like Norman Borlaug fed a lot of people that otherwise would have starved.
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      Jun 9 2013: Pat,
      you've addressed some of my problems.

      A good friend of mine moves his 200 hives from north to south and back. Now this is probably an unique situation, but I am sure there are things that bee keepers can do to protect their hives in troubled times.
      Further, I can believe that if you spray bees with .... most anything, you'll not be doing them any good.

      GMO? Man has been modifying flora and fauna since forever. Breeding, cross breeding, man has "created" all kinds of goodies for our tables. Now, I know doing changes at cellular levels is new and I also know that there are some who seem to fear change at a very deep level. Their warnings can be useful, we keep an eye out for strange things happening. What I find troubling is their fears seem to approach severe paranoia or what ever the correct diagnosis. I fear people who would maim and kill over their concerns for most anything except other people.
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        Jun 9 2013: Yes this a neurotic society. I look at just the beginning of the Matt Ridley and the Peter Diamandis as they indicate mans tendency toward the negative.
      • Jun 11 2013: The difference between GMO and breeding new dogs is huge. Impossible to bridge.
        GMO foods have genes from other animals or plants stuck into their chromosomes.
        The genetically modified pesticides called neonicotinoids are derived from a poison in tobacco.
        They are sprayed on crops to kill insects, which they do extremely well. They kill bees, butterflies and all sorts of other insects.
        This chemical that is being sprayed on our food plants is so deadly it has been banned in most European countries.
        Japan just banned the import of all GMO grains from the US. The Japanese are not kids hiding from monsters under their beds. They have more nuclear plants than anybody per capita, and look what not being afraid of the future got them there. Thousands of years of not being able to inhabit vast areas of their own country.
        Read Bees and the European neonicotinoids pesticide ban - The Guardian, on Google to get the facts about GMOs from one well informed source.
        Countries don't ban our cheap abundant grain for fun. They do it to protect their kids and their unborn babies from ill-conceived, harmful GMO products. It will cost them a huge amount to find alternatives to American grown grain.
        It will also bankrupt a lot of American farmers, whether or not they grow GMO grain.
        Mr. Gilbert is advocating progress no matter what the cost, an all too common mistake based upon the false notion that corporations won't poison their customers for an extra few cents profit per share. That position has been proven wrong over and over.
        We can't afford to close this barn door after the horse if gone.
        By the way, why should bee keepers have to move their hives to avoid newly created toxins that are being sprayed on our food?
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          Jun 11 2013: Superlatives, aren't they wonderful.

          But. let's look a little closer. Yes, GMO functions get right to the heart of the matter. Before, breeders had to do many repetitive breeding seasons to get the desired results. Now, they get in it in one. Maybe two.

          Another point is the agricultural economy. It is easier for other countries to ban GMO products for safety reasons then the fact that they are protecting their own agricultural interest. Read voters.
          Watch and see how the dangers of GMO products will be found wanting about the time the International patents expire and there will be no premium to pay for seeds.

          There have been companies that and mostly unintentionally caused illness and death through their products. An extremely distressing event. Examination of this situation would show that a company usually does this only once.

          I can't speak for all beekeepers. My friend found that by moving his hives south every fall to warmer clime gave him an addition commercial production. He say it is a lot of hard work but a very profitable endeavor. He contracts with agribusiness's that needs bees for pollination. When his bees are in place there is no spraying.
      • Jun 13 2013: It does not matter if the spraying stops or not, if they have been sprayed once the bees will still die. Also if it is a GMO crop the bees will still die. The neonicotinoids are embedded in the genes of the GM plant. All Bee keepers across the country are pushing for GMOs to be banned just like in the EU, where after the the ban the bee populations have improved and started to flourish again.

        The reason that countries are banning GMOs is because they want to keep their independence and not become slaves to the BigAg system. The GMO crops the third world nations would produce wouldn't even stay in that country they would be exported for cheap feed for US fedlots. The farmers would be worked for pennies and stuck. Thats why their are so many suicides of Indian farmers today.

        The breeding and cross breeding has taken place since agriculture began and we effectively mad great crops that we can share and trade with one another. Monsanto is set on destroying that tradition with their patent on life. If a GM crop cross pollinates a field on non-GM crop. Monsanto can sue the farm with the non-GM crop for now have a GM crop. Farmers have lost everything because of this and Monsanto now owns most of agricultural system.

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