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That the FDA regulate the color of Prescription medication bottles.

I was looking at the differences between several medicine bottles both over the counter and prescription. The problem is that they are all made from the same white plastic bottles, everything from Advil to Zoloft. The same injection molds that make the white plastic bottles could have specific colors added pretty cheaply. Like everything else in the medical community these bottles are white to imply that they are clean and sterile, I get that. But if you picked up a med bottle and it was red you most likely would not accidentally give it to your child. Red for adult only, Purple for antibiotics, Green for pediatric and so on as examples / suggestions. I think this is a very simple change that could potentially save thousands of lives.

  • Jun 8 2013: All of my prescriptions are in green transparent bottles with frustratingly adult proof locks.
    Rather than focusing on the colour of the bottle, I am more concerned that each pill have some unique colour or symbol or shape so that I can look at today's pills and know that all is correct or something is missing.
    Even though I have been taking these prescriptions for years, each time I build a weeks worth of concoctions I still read the label just to be sure
  • Jun 8 2013: This might be a very good idea. It would be worthy of further research.

    My wife is chronically ill and I managed her medications for about 15 years, so I have some experience.
    It should be noted that whenever you are dispensing drugs, you should always read the label.