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The Great TED Conversation

This Conversation started on 06/06/2013 3:50:43 PM UTC.
This edit was made on 14/06/2013

DISCLAIMER: TED is not involved in this project, it is entirely user generated.

This Conversation's original intent was to gather all the conversations about improving TED and sort it out somehow. Since then a Wiki has been started to enable collaborative efforts on building this gigantic library of Ideas about TED that have been posted here on TED Conversations.
TED Improvements Wiki: http://ted-improvements.wikia.com/wiki/TED_Improvements_Wiki

We have been able to gather 27 Conversations with a total of 1339 comments concerning most aspects of improvements for TED. A table with the Conversations and links to them can be found on the Wiki: http://ted-improvements.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Sources
If you know of any Conversations that aren't listed please provide them.

But we have enough Conversations to begin the work of extracting all the different ideas that are in them, and this is where we are at present.

So now we need to extract and sort all the ideas, develop them and present them somehow. Any and all thoughts and comments on the development of this project are welcome and if you'd wish to help build this you are welcome to join at any time.

Any Ideas concerning improvements for TED are of course also welcome in this Conversation or on the Wiki forum.
Wiki Forum: http://ted-improvements.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Forum

A copy of the old explanation can be found here: http://www.ted.com/conversations/18816/the_great_ted_conversation.html?c=691472


Closing Statement from Jimmy Strobl

The project has been inactive since the conversation ended ,I sure wish that they'd bring back the open-ended option... I recently created a subreddit for TEDconversations where suggestions for improvements can be openly and continuously discussed.

You're very welcome to join it on http://www.reddit.com/r/TEDconversations/comments/1s8mh4/what_changes_or_improvements_would_you_like_to/
(don't you wish that links in the closing statement were clickable?)

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    Jun 11 2013: Very ambitious and kudos for your initiative Jimmy. I liken your position to a similar viewpoint I hold with regard to University thesises residing on bookshelves and left to disappear as if they had never been thought of.
    If we are to truly stand on the shoulders of giants, then what is the point of re-inventing the wheel. Admittedly I haven't ventured to your wiki linked posts, however, know you will still read my post here.
    I would add though, in my opinion, 2000 character word limitations aside (especially since you can get around it by posting a newbie), that as you want to effect this medium, then for reasons of transparency, your posts would be better all posited here.
    I too have put up a question post, re the $1,000,000 TED prize but wanted to involve the whole TED community, inclusive and particularily those who are involved from the TED business side of things. I believe, they too are wanting to improve and grow the site and are as such also open to crowdsourced ideas/inputs from their community members.
    As such they need to be in the loop and involved in a collaborative way. I think Jimmy, they would appreciate your initiative and most likely even work with you to developing an even better version of their current offering.
    You are 100% right about closed posts being overlooked and their information being recycled in other newer forums. Clearly this is less than ideal, however, it is thru post/suggestions like yours that incremental improvements can be made.
    It is noteworthy Jimmy, that you have spent some 2 years developing this whole idea. I know what it is like to commit a lot of time to ideas and ideals.
    Again congratulations Jimmy. My suggestion is to post your edited submission summaries from your wiki here in your idea topic, so that you have the nuts and bolts of your strategy in the one place, ready for delivery in a logically sequenced format for the TED People to consider and perhaps incorporate! : D
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      Jun 16 2013: Thank you, thank you and thank you!!
      I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of approval you've shown for this project, but I'm really glad to hear it.

      Exactly, re-inventing the wheel is what we keep doing over and over again here with many conversations, without actually building anything that rolls.

      Your suggestion about posting all the ideas here is a good one, but I'm afraid that it would very quickly get unorganized and filled with off topic commentary, I've seen this happen to many of these conversation. So I'm not going to try that, but if you wish to test it you are quite free to retrieve the ideas from the forum and re-post them here. I'll join in the conversation on those as best as I can.

      I'm sorry but the "I too have put up a question post, re the $1,000,000 TED prize"-section isn't quite clear to me, would you mind elaborating?

      TED Conversations Admin has already voiced their approval, I really hope that it could lead to something like that as well, but for now I'm staying the course of this project and I'm not counting on TED being involved in this any time soon.

      Anyway, thanks for all the flattery. And I'll do my best to respond to you more quickly in the future.
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        Jun 17 2013: Thanks for your reply Jimmy, I didn't mean to come across in a chastising way, as I do appreciate that people do have a life outside their TED posts, so don't stress, it's all cool.

        The $1,000,000 TED prize mention was to do with a post question that I have put up after I started to research how to enter with an idea of mine to change the world and as such potentially win from TED $1,000,000 (via this TED site) and was struck by how onerous the application criteria was and also the "TYPE"'s of people who were previous winners.

        I am supportive of what you are endeavouring to do because you have demonstrated a committment to your ideal that is also grounded in it being a good sensible idea too, in my opinion.

        It seems that the off subject dilema is part and parcel of the TED posting process and as such FOCUS is very much the key, however notwithstanding, sidetracks can sometimes deliver insights too that are relevant to the topic.

        The re-inventing the wheel conundrum is just so dysfunctional to me. I am sure there are coder/programmers out there who would be able to (google ish style) develop an application, whereby the whole TED post's repositories are put into the programme and then on the basis of key words, disseminated into like/similar categories.

        Human intervention by way of collating, sifting, sorting, editing and perhaps thereby afterwards a paper is written (thesis/precis style) on the divergent subject materials.

        Further suggestion to this as who wants to do all that work for free (tho there would be some) is to have a University embrace the concept and involve/incorporate their students academic curriculums in conjunction with their lecturers and course outlines so that the project is enabled and as a consequence impovements to the wheel would be made as opposed to re-inventing it again would occur! : D

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