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The Great TED Conversation

This Conversation started on 06/06/2013 3:50:43 PM UTC.
This edit was made on 14/06/2013

DISCLAIMER: TED is not involved in this project, it is entirely user generated.

This Conversation's original intent was to gather all the conversations about improving TED and sort it out somehow. Since then a Wiki has been started to enable collaborative efforts on building this gigantic library of Ideas about TED that have been posted here on TED Conversations.
TED Improvements Wiki: http://ted-improvements.wikia.com/wiki/TED_Improvements_Wiki

We have been able to gather 27 Conversations with a total of 1339 comments concerning most aspects of improvements for TED. A table with the Conversations and links to them can be found on the Wiki: http://ted-improvements.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Sources
If you know of any Conversations that aren't listed please provide them.

But we have enough Conversations to begin the work of extracting all the different ideas that are in them, and this is where we are at present.

So now we need to extract and sort all the ideas, develop them and present them somehow. Any and all thoughts and comments on the development of this project are welcome and if you'd wish to help build this you are welcome to join at any time.

Any Ideas concerning improvements for TED are of course also welcome in this Conversation or on the Wiki forum.
Wiki Forum: http://ted-improvements.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Forum

A copy of the old explanation can be found here: http://www.ted.com/conversations/18816/the_great_ted_conversation.html?c=691472


Closing Statement from Jimmy Strobl

The project has been inactive since the conversation ended ,I sure wish that they'd bring back the open-ended option... I recently created a subreddit for TEDconversations where suggestions for improvements can be openly and continuously discussed.

You're very welcome to join it on http://www.reddit.com/r/TEDconversations/comments/1s8mh4/what_changes_or_improvements_would_you_like_to/
(don't you wish that links in the closing statement were clickable?)

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