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Do you know of any Games for Science!

Today there are a lot of games that scientists have constructed to help them solve various problems that humans are better at solving then computers.
And the thing is that it's really working, thanks to games like Fold-It the number of professional protein folders have quadrupled in two years.

But there are many more games then Fold-It out there, there are tetris like games that you play and help decoding DNA or games for finding new planets around distant stars or finding a cure for breast cancer. basically it's all being made as you read this or has been up and running for a year or two.

So, do you know of (or play) any games that helps science progress?

(Would you tell a friend/kid)?

Edit* I think it would be nice if the games listed here were free, or if a comment was added if it wasn't free.

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    Jun 6 2013: The official Nobel prize website has a collection of science-related games. Most are to learn about science rather than to contribute to science.

    Here is a link to citizen science games and activities that are designed to contribute to scientific efforts:
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      Jun 6 2013: These seem very serious to me.
      There are actual scientists involved in collecting the data you find, and some cost money to join.
  • Jun 7 2013: Not to be trivial isn't science a game that is divided up even into subgroups? The players even have publications that they share swap and compare.
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      Jun 7 2013: You're talking about the game of life. this is not what I mean by games.
      • Jun 8 2013: Jimmy That could be true my friend. In fact on closer thought it is.
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    Jun 6 2013: Phylo is a genome sequencing game that you play by moving blocks around on a 2D surface with the aim of lining columns of colored blocks align. You're sequencing Real DNA helping to understand the way life works.

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    Jun 6 2013: Here is Eyewire, another such citizen science game:
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    Jun 6 2013: Well, I should probably start with Fold-it then.

    Fold-it is a revolutionary protein-folding game that enables you to contribute (and it's no small contribution) to the understanding of proteins and how they fold. The folding part is very important as it is the shape that gives the proteins their characteristics and effect what they do in our body. By widening this field of science many deceases can eventually find a cure or treatment.

    It really is fun and you get launched into it as any other non-contributing game and can start playing this 3D puzzle without even understanding basic biology. Try it or make your kids play it!

    Leaving the link to the about page (and free download):