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Can We Have a Conversation About Good, Positive Sex?

So I've been wondering for quite some time why there aren't any Conversations on sex in a positive way here on TED, and those that are talk of sex as a behavior that animals and plats do. Or talk about the reproductive results it brings and how to manage that.

There are some Talks on the matter of good sex but we've never had a Conversation about it.
Now I know that it can be embarrassing to talk about and that is also the reason I haven't asked this question before, but I think it's time.

So this conversation is aimed to help form guidelines about talking about positive sex in an adult way and... well I don't know... "constructive" matter.
And perhaps also for sharing a story, if you wish...

Here are some TEDxTalks about sex that you probably haven't seen:
Cindy Gallop - Make love not porn:
Nicole Daedone - Orgasm: The Cure for Hunger in the Western Women:
Harish Iyer - What if we had a culture of speaking about sex?
Orit MordekovitchThe Sexual Experience - Let's talk about it!


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