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Is an imperfection synonymous with a flaw?

The title pretty much sums it up. Answer what you think, and I will join in.

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    Jun 10 2013: If this is a question of language and definition then I do believe that in most cases the two words can be used interchangeably, but I also think that this question and discussion has brought about two ideas that are in fact quite distinct. A flaw might relate more to the idea that an inconsistency exists that causes harm or damage to a system while an imperfection may relate more to the idea that an inconsistency just exists and is not necessarily harmful or bad.
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    Jun 12 2013: If something is flawed, to me, it imply that it can be made better. If something is imperfect, it is shy of perfection but could represent the best efforts that can apply.
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    Jun 7 2013: Imperfection can be beautiful and so can a flaw. I recall the music album 'Beautiful Imperfection' by Nigerian French singer Asa. However, I don't think imperfection and flaw are synonymous. Imperfection is the order of nature where as flaw is an aberration of a system. Flaws are removable, imperfection is not.
    I think we human beings are animals with remarkable notions without any valid preferability. We seek absolute, perfection and pure just because we think they are valuable on account of rareness. Introspection reveals it does not have to be so.
    Even the best logical minds assume some axiomatic truths (like two bodies cannot occupy the same spatial position at the same point of time or one body cannot occupy two different spatial positions at the same point of time) which have no valid preferability except huge preponderance of such observations in macro reality.
    So, it appears to me that a part of our mind seeks and over values the rare and another part of our mind presumes the most common as real. Everything is imperfect and flawed in between.
  • Jun 7 2013: To me, imperfect is a state of being.
    A flaw, is a detectable, measurable aspect of something that is imperfect.

    Is perfection attainable?...........Have you looked outside at creation?

    Yes, I think perfection is is happening all around in the many systems that man has no control over.
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      Jun 10 2013: It is all about perception. What do we have to compare creation to in order to judge whether it is perfect or not?
      • Jun 10 2013: Yes, I see your point.

        So, in your opinion, would you then say it is best not to appreciate things as perfect unless you have something to compare it to?
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          Jun 10 2013: No, because appreciation comes from the extent of the scale our experiences. Although we cannot truly say that something is perfect, we can, however, appreciate it fully.
          This icecream is NOT "perfect", but it is the best icecream I have ever had.
      • Jun 11 2013: OK. So in your opinion, we can appreciate something, but we should not call it perfect unless we have something to compare it to.

        Well, we have other planets in our solar system. Which other one do you think is better for sustaining human life? I'm guessing that you probably would like to visit another planet like ours in another solar system, right?
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          Jun 11 2013: Yeah. I think so.
          I think that it is probably safe to say that earth is the best planet in our solar system for sustaining life, but I am definitely very curious about other solar systems.
      • Jun 11 2013: Me too!!
  • Jun 7 2013: Do you think perfection is attainable? Why or why not?
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      Jun 10 2013: The definition of perfection is not clear enough to simply say that it is or is not attainable. It all depends on what the definition of perfection really means in a specific context.
  • Jun 7 2013: We can be imperfect, without being flawed.
    To me, the word 'flaw' implies something is damaged or faulty in some way.
    Imperfect, to me, is what we all are!
  • Jun 7 2013: These are different words and have not the same or opposite meanings. So I don't think it does, but you can run with it.
  • Jun 6 2013: As regards to?

    In people, in nature, in inanimate objects.
    Anything further to add to move the conversation?
    • Jun 6 2013: Absolutely anything. I want to leave this as fairly broad and open to interpretation by the individual. I'm fine with however it goes.