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How does a person become sophisticated? Why do some people become it and others don't?

I was thinking that solving any problem, even small ones, takes real sophistication, and I wondered how people become sophisticated? Why do some people achieve sophistication, and others don't?


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    Jun 6 2013: People look up to me all the time as a sophisticate and they ask Pat how did you get to be so damn sophisticated?

    Truthfully I don't know, just lucky I guess.

    The word comes from Greek meaning those who are skilled at debates or arguments. But Plato called them superficial. I think of our statists as being sophisticated after all most politicians are lawyers. So however it is they become sophisticated I hope they come up with cure soon.
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      Jun 6 2013: I talked to a friend yesterday about how you were driving me nuts and she pointed out that you have an odd sense of humor and communication, I said that I didn't know you had humor but now I clearly see that you do. I've misjudged you Pat.

      • Jun 6 2013: He wields a fine blade.
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        Jun 6 2013: Is that a snide remark?

        In any case yes I'm very serious about insouciance. Is odd a two way street?
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        Jun 6 2013: I'm going to become sophisticated by following in the foot steps of Jimmy and Pat:>)

        Insouciance is a VERY sophisticated word.....had to look it up! Yes, I agree:>)
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          Jun 6 2013: Oh I think Jimmy is far more sophisticated than I

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