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How does a person become sophisticated? Why do some people become it and others don't?

I was thinking that solving any problem, even small ones, takes real sophistication, and I wondered how people become sophisticated? Why do some people achieve sophistication, and others don't?


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  • Jun 5 2013: I think I used the wrong translation for sophisticated and ended up explaining an opinion about an other topic. I spent so much time on it, that I decide to post it anyway. I hope someone still manages to draw some kind of enlightenment from it.

    I think it has something to do with specialization. When you focus a lot on a single purpose you will get to the point when you are able to judge and separate things depending on their qualities. Once you understand that there are different kinds of qualities and that the amount of time you can spend on that certain topic is limited, you'll start to select carefully which requirements you demand from those kind of things in order to spend your resources like time, money and effort on them.

    Once you made that realization in one field you may start to use it on others. Or you maybe repeat the process a few times and get to the same result. It may takes few of those experiences to develop some kind of standard that has to be met in the end it helps us to save resources and allows us to achieve more.

    Or it costs us something because we lose an opportunity.
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      Jun 15 2013: Don't understand the last statement, Anton, what do you mean, "costs us something because we lose an opportunity"?
      • Jun 15 2013: I meant that by choosing and selecting carefully and disregarding the rest, you run the risk of maybe missing out new experiences or new angles to a topic. For example, I like videogames and I'm pretty confident that I know which kind of games are good and worth my time and which ones are not. But from time to time, one the worse ones surprises me. Sometimes it's a story element, sometimes a mechanic that I've never seen before or that is used in a new and different way.

        Bottom line when you get to picky you might miss out on a lot of very interesting stuff and getting to focused on one thing let's you miss out a lot of others.
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          Jun 22 2013: Well, Anton, I'm probably thinking more about the sophistication that solves problems, not just making a good choice. Would you mind looking at what I typed to Fritzie above, I hate to type it again because I would type the exact same thing and pose the same exact questions to you.

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