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Use drones to track tornados

Tracking tornados with vehicles to get important data is not safe or efficient we should use drone technology instead. We should have several drone staging areas where tornados are most active and dangerous. When the conditions are right a drone can be dispatched to the area collecting vital information and transmitting radio signal to the inhabitants to keep them informed.

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    Jun 6 2013: Some day maybe.
  • Jun 6 2013: Can they drop a bunker-buster into them and get them to stop sucking up folks and their farm animals? If so, I say you got something thar.
  • Jun 5 2013: Sir,

    I think 'typical' drones are not made to withstand high wind speeds. It would be useless to track the storms from a safe distance. Rather specially designed quadcopters(as helicopters with four rotors) can provide a much lesser aerodynamic drag. I think they could be quite useful.