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So, what is the purpose of men in modern families?

There are several Op-Ed debate in the New York Times asking, or attempting to answer, this question.

"In almost half the American households with children, mothers are the sole or primary breadwinners. This victory for working women shows evolving family economics — or maybe, two very different types of families.

So what is the purpose of men in modern families? We’re approaching the holiday that celebrates dads, but do fathers bring anything unique to the table?"

Reference a TEDTalk that you have listen to on this topic if you can.


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    Jun 10 2013: I could not finish reading this. I began to feel aggressively ill. Imagine how much hate paste I would get here if I said, "In reality, many children are better off motherless" much less write about it in NYtimes and putting it in my headline. I'd be stoned to death by men and women. What is really going on people? The nerve is outstanding.

    • Jun 10 2013: Agree, I think the best debater there is Brad Harrington. One of the many important points he makes is this one:
      "And indeed, as the Pew study rolled out in newspapers, on television and in social media, the main reaction was to celebrate it as a sign of women’s greater economic empowerment. But the dirty little secret is that in 5 out of 8 of these households, the woman was not just the primary breadwinner; she was the only breadwinner, without a partner."
      I think his main point is that it is not a competition but running a family should be team-work.

      People do not know what makes a man a man, or what makes a woman a woman. It is not the body, even though down to the very cells they differ.

      This is about what I believe is the reason why and what gender is all about.

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