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Decisions? Choices? Alternatives? Too little information? Too much information? Just how do we decide? Facing a decision? Share here.

Similar Challenges @ similar times. Identical choices to face @ identical places. Everything from what college major to choose; to when, if, & to whom you should marry; to have kids? Yes/no? How do I prepare for a future when I don't get anything -- but old? We all face similar challenges; all the time; every day of our lives. Why not share? Here!

TED has 14 talks on how to make Good Decisions. So far, I've seen talks that cover issues with marketing, healthcare, and major economic decisions involving how to improve life for all people everywhere.

If you had 50 Billion dollars, what global problems would you solve first? Economic Analysis gives a surprising set of priorities. And Global Warming is way down the list as far as "Bang for the Buck" is concerned.

Dan Gilbert says that YES we CAN synthesize our own happiness and we do so every day inside our own brains. And drugs have nothing to do with it. Also Professor Gilbert gives a more complex talk on why we make bad decisions. It would seem that we can blame evolution for that one.

Choices are hard to make. Important choices can be terrifying. We've all felt the same way when we had to choose & then face up to unintended consequences in Life! Choices-in-life? We all face 'em. Share here.


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    Jun 30 2013: Sadly Juan, 50 billion wouldn't even get us started. :-) I think a large portion of the choices we make every day are the wrong ones, yet we lie to ourselves or ignore the consequences because of the innate propensity we humans have to be governed by our emotions or personal motives. I've made several bad choices already this morning. I took the toll road instead of side roads to work because it was faster instead of saving money, I ate that egg mcmuffin, hashbrown and OJ instead of the bagel, etc. Unfortunatley, this applies to our national-level decision-makers as well. Instead of focusing on issues objectively, politicians are influenced by their party affiliation and voters to make decisions that may not always be the "right" decision.

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