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Decisions? Choices? Alternatives? Too little information? Too much information? Just how do we decide? Facing a decision? Share here.

Similar Challenges @ similar times. Identical choices to face @ identical places. Everything from what college major to choose; to when, if, & to whom you should marry; to have kids? Yes/no? How do I prepare for a future when I don't get anything -- but old? We all face similar challenges; all the time; every day of our lives. Why not share? Here!

TED has 14 talks on how to make Good Decisions. So far, I've seen talks that cover issues with marketing, healthcare, and major economic decisions involving how to improve life for all people everywhere.

If you had 50 Billion dollars, what global problems would you solve first? Economic Analysis gives a surprising set of priorities. And Global Warming is way down the list as far as "Bang for the Buck" is concerned.

Dan Gilbert says that YES we CAN synthesize our own happiness and we do so every day inside our own brains. And drugs have nothing to do with it. Also Professor Gilbert gives a more complex talk on why we make bad decisions. It would seem that we can blame evolution for that one.

Choices are hard to make. Important choices can be terrifying. We've all felt the same way when we had to choose & then face up to unintended consequences in Life! Choices-in-life? We all face 'em. Share here.


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    Jun 16 2013: I don't recall seeing a TED comment site so dominated by one member as this one is by Juan Valdez. Is he a moderator or just overflowing with enthusiasm? For me it is distressing. We are limited to characters in our remarks, shouldn't individual contributors be limited in their posts?
    So it is in this mood of slight annoyance that I enter my 2nd comment.
    Where on earth is the importance of evaluating our own decision process in public? Any focus on each of us almost always results in trivial opinions that are more appropriate for the other social media chat and video arenas.
    It is our group decisions, our national and global ones that need attention.
    Sometimes TED becomes a little too psychoanalytical, speakers telling us the significance of body gestures, building and maintaining confidence, achieving inner happiness, and presumably other self-help rhetoric that I must have missed.
    My friends, and assuredly TED has magnificently created an ambiance of camaraderie, let us join in trying to persuade TED to prevent a single member from excessive comments, except the moderator of the topic; let us express our preference for new knowledge that will benefit our societies rather than silly personal advice.
    I'm not referring to those speakers who relate their overcoming huge challenges, for those are truly inspiring and encouraging with broad impact.
    I suggest that the best advice for personal decision-making comes from our grandmothers for it is they who have monitored the events of everyone in the family. Psychologists are strangers, I refrain from using charlatans, who know nothing about us and waste our time as they drag us back to age zero. TED's objective is sharing ideas that can improve the world, I think we all know the 'Me' generation, added very little to that endeavour.

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