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What is the best diet for weight loss and keeping it off?

I'm trying to put EVERYTHING into the equation: animal rights, ethics, economy, lifestyle, culinary arts, healthcare priorities and above all, reality...what works best and stays that way?

Vegan, local, paleo, moderation? All of these?

Are dairy products really bad for us? Since when? Worse than fast food? Is sugar really worse than honey?


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    Jul 1 2013: rule number one: if a diet has a name, it is bullshit.
    rule number two: if a diet can be summarized in five or less sentences, it is bullshit.

    you will not be able to eat in a healthy way unless you learn the basics of nutrition. you need to understand what fats are, what types there are, what foods contain what fats and in what amounts. you need to understand what carbs are, what types there are, what foods contain what carbs, what is the insulin index, what is the glycemic index, what foods have high and low indexes. you have to be familiar with the most important vitamins, their effects and sources. and so on, proteins, minerals, fiber.

    you need to be able to approximate the calories, carbs, fats of a food just by roughly knowing its ingredients, at a glance. you need to be able to "feel" if your diet lacks some key component just by remembering what you have eaten the last week. you have to feel bad eating hamburger patty with cheese, white bun and fries, as you automatically head-calculate the absolute lack of minor nutrients in this mountain of calories. you can simply recall low calorie or low fat foods if you feel like eating too much calories or fat lately.

    if you possess this basic knowledge, you don't need to follow a diet. you can vary your diet freely, and still be healthy.
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      Jul 1 2013: Here is a "short" list of diet fads....


      You make a valid point.

      Eating natural foods....not processed, and varying your diet by eating foods that are in season helps keep your diet balanced....for example, now that it is summer here, enjoying berries, and mangos, and peaches and nectarines, along with all the seasonal vegetables, is a healthy choice.
      Moderation in portions and exercise also play a key role, imho.

      I think that people want quick fixes Krisztian......and they rather spend a buck on a quick fix, then to bring home healthy alternatives and have to prepare their meal.

      Is there an obesity problem in Hungary?
      Is there alot of processed food in your markets, or do people eat mostly fresh ingredients?
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        Jul 1 2013: "Is there an obesity problem in Hungary?"

        somewhat, but the main problem is circulatory diseases. number one cause of death is heart attack, stroke and the like, by far. let me add that a typical hungarian diet consists of pork, potato and white flour and dairy products and egg. sure i'm exaggerating, but not much.

        "Is there alot of processed food in your markets"

        some, but much less than in the US or west EU. i would say majority of the food consumed is made of fresh ingredients, either home made, or made by restaurant / food delivery. they use relatively few processed ingredients, save by weird cooking greases and things like that. chicken nugget is not part of hungarian cuisine. alas, sausages containing 4% meat are. i would assert that processed food consumption is proportional to GDP. should the hungarian GDP double, we would eat just as much quasi-food as americans do. chips and soda are here already.
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          Jul 2 2013: Do you think that the circulatory diseases are directly linked to their diet?
          Or do you think that at this point it is a hereditary issue?

          Let's hope Hungary keeps to the fresh ingredients and they are smart enough to not adopt all kinds of quasi-foods.
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        Jul 2 2013: i would go with diet + other habits, but it is just a wild guess.

        i would not trust a hope that we are any smart. why would we be any smarter than americans? teens want to go to mcdonalds all the time.

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