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What is the best diet for weight loss and keeping it off?

I'm trying to put EVERYTHING into the equation: animal rights, ethics, economy, lifestyle, culinary arts, healthcare priorities and above all, reality...what works best and stays that way?

Vegan, local, paleo, moderation? All of these?

Are dairy products really bad for us? Since when? Worse than fast food? Is sugar really worse than honey?


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    Jun 6 2013: Thanks for commenting below, Melisa. No, I think you're wrong, I think it's just that solid food is harder for the body to digest and use. I believe I could eat solid food for a year and would be in just as bad of shape as I was after two weeks. I really don't know how to prove this except to start eating solid food again, and I don't want to as I'll immediately feel bad. But doesn't what I'm saying make sense, that skim milk, which has already been broken up by the mother's body, would be easier on the body of the person who consumes it than solid food?

    This idea is not original with me. I got it from the Masai tribe of Kenya, who famously live only on products of the cow, milk, beef, and they occasionally tap into a cow vein and drink blood without killing the cow. If you've never read about them, they're a fascinating people.

    I should mention that another health advantage of all-skim milk is that it fills you up with water, which is zero calories, yet tastes good, it's great for weight loss. Again, though, I'm not recommending this diet to anyone else.

    I have found that fluid whipping cream has other interesting uses. For a while I shaved my head, and I found the fluid whipping cream was a better lubricant than the soap shaving cream. These days, when I want to put a picture on the wall, I'll pour a little fluid whipping cream on the back, slap it up against the wall and hold it for a minute or two, and then it adheres quite nicely.

    I also shifted to drinking all my milk from gallon containers, it eventually occured to me that of all the containers, the gallon container was the most like a breast, full and round at the bottom, and tapering to something like a nipple at the top. I like this idea, in practice it means I drink from the gallon in the morning, skip lunch because I don't want to carry, and drink again from gallon at night. This is a natural pattern, cows are milked in morning and evening.
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      Jun 6 2013: You made me laugh out loud.
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        Jun 7 2013: Cool, yeah, it probably is all a little goofy, but for me it has been good and positive.

        Yeah, I think I didn't write perfectly clear, Melisa, I did try the diet for two weeks that is recommended by U.S. nutritionists. Two weeks is an adequate tryout, do you think? As I say, I felt bad, then I returned to skim milk and felt good again. I hope I can get my diet approved, because I think it will end up helping many people.

        If you want to see what a person looks like who has lived on skim milk for five years, you can check out my one YouTube video, at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olHbo8IFOoI. This is actually an idea I had about exercise. Give me your opinion if I seem healthy.

        Again, let me be clear that I am not recommending this diet for anyone else.

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