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What is the best diet for weight loss and keeping it off?

I'm trying to put EVERYTHING into the equation: animal rights, ethics, economy, lifestyle, culinary arts, healthcare priorities and above all, reality...what works best and stays that way?

Vegan, local, paleo, moderation? All of these?

Are dairy products really bad for us? Since when? Worse than fast food? Is sugar really worse than honey?


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    Jun 5 2013: Melissa, weight loss aside, what do you think of the new movement to drink your vegetables, and eat your fruits?
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      Jun 5 2013: Hi Mary! I don`t think it's really new. You might remember the 80s and all those infomercials of juice extractors. We've been kind of doing this for 4 decades, only now we have more awesome stuff like wheatgrass and kale.
      I think that in the fast paced world we live in, drinking vegetables is a good on-the-go option to get the nutrients we need (as long as we drink them right away, vitamins are light and temperature sensitive.)
      And about fruits, I think they should be eaten whole, (within reason, no banana peels).
      But above all, both things should be done if enjoyed, either drank or eaten. There is no sense in doing anything if we can't keep it up. :)
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        Jun 5 2013: Thanks for the reply Melisa.

        We enjoy eating all kinds of vegetables, and every once in a while I like to throw some into a smoothy....kale or spinach, or cucumbers....whatever I have around.

        As to fruits, eating them with the skin on......my only concern is all that wax they put on the outside.
        I know it's a special food grade wax, but I don't know......??
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          Jun 6 2013: Hi, Mary! I really recommend you eat organic if you have access to it and can afford it. Organic produce is sometimes coated with natural waxes, ike beeswax (not petroleum based ones).
          It''s great you enjoy fruits and vegetables!

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