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What is the best diet for weight loss and keeping it off?

I'm trying to put EVERYTHING into the equation: animal rights, ethics, economy, lifestyle, culinary arts, healthcare priorities and above all, reality...what works best and stays that way?

Vegan, local, paleo, moderation? All of these?

Are dairy products really bad for us? Since when? Worse than fast food? Is sugar really worse than honey?


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    Jun 5 2013: Hi Melisa,
    I've never really "dieted" because I believe in good exercise, and moderation regarding the food I put into the body. I've always loved fresh fruits and veggies, so I eat a lot of them....preferably out of my own garden. If/when I buy anything in the winter months, it is the freshest possible. I eat very little meat of any kind any more, and only wild fish....not farmed.

    My own experience, and the experiences of those I have observed, is that it is not only what we eat that impacts weight, but also our state of mind, and exercise. So, to maintain a good weight, it is a whole lifestyle practice....don't you think? As a nutritional consultant, I'm sure you have lots of good information to offer us?

    Regarding sugar....
    I was with my brother in Boston, not too long ago, where he had extensive surgery for lung cancer. His doctor there has done extensive research, and he says "suger feeds cancer". Although I previously did not eat a lot of refined sugar (started using brown sugar and honey a long time ago), this information has caused me to eat even less now!
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      Jun 5 2013: Hi, Colleen! I believe in good exercise and moderation too. And your lifestyle sounds not only healthy but happy. :) A healthy mind and heart are vital too.
      I'm sorry to hear about your brother's cancer. I have heard 'sugar feeds cancer' before, but I need to do more research on it. I was taught all carbohydrates break down into sugar (glucose) for the cell to convert into ATP (energy). So I don't really know how simple sugar could feed cancer any more than a starchy potato could. I guess the amount and availability of sugar in the end worsens everything. I still have a lot to learn.
      But as a nutritionist I also think simple sugar is worthless. Except in a French baker's kitchen... let's give them some credit.
      It makes me wonder, could it be that when we eat sugar we crave more of it later, and also, we eat sugar INSTEAD of other more nutritious things?
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        Jun 5 2013: Hi again Melisa!
        I think my lifestyle is pretty healthy and content.....balanced:>)
        The scary thing is, that my brothers seemed very healthy, happy and content....until they got cancer!

        I've thought that about carbs too, and now they are saying those are not so good for us either, for the reason you mention.....they break down into sugar. I agree that the amount we consume is the important factor. I do not deprive myself of anything....love ice cream, pasta, potatoes, etc.....all in moderation.

        I agree with you that refined sugar is pretty worthless, and it is surprising how many prepared foods contain a lot of sugar. I think it has been proven that sugar is addictive....hasen't it?
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          Jun 5 2013: Completely. I think sugar addiction is the biggest addiction in the world right now.

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