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Is there more to life/universe than we even care to notice?

As we go about our daily lives, we are so focused on what needs to be done the daily logistics. Taken that into consideration, on your way to work there is an epic struggle of life and death, of battles and wars, dynamic landscapes all out in nature, while we live our fairly controlled lives.

Now what if there was more than even what's outside our bubble of atmosphere, even our theoretic bubble of multiverses. Is there even more, a greater beyond. The best way I can put this, and bare with me as I'm mostly a visual thinker without a keyboard of pictures. ( found it ( thanks youtube ))

An example of thought from the movie Men in Black ( a .38 second clip )

( In this clip, you are taken from earth, through our universe, through even that, into a multiverse of another greater universe where Extraterrestrials are playing what appears to be marbles with said universes. )

Somewhat as if there is a living fractal happening throughout every aspect of known and unknown space, where exactly would the fibonacci sequence take us in any direction we think of?

With all this being said, I ask you to think about gut feelings, and the very real phenomenon that beings seem to know information before it's time of unveiling ( ESP ), and for spiritual folks, do you think the afterlife is a realm of which is measurable?

I understand this may be too far fetched for some to want to bother with, to me this is how breakthroughs take place, to take your mind and place it somewhere else to break through too.

What do you think about this topic?
Do you have any preconceived notions about this concept?


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      Jun 4 2013: There are several of us on TED that have attested to that.
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      Jun 5 2013: ZX Style,
      Many of the stories have been posted several times. You touch on an important factor. To be able to see, hear, feel and recognize something outside our "self", we need to step outside our comfort zone in one way or another.

      If we repeat the same patterns over and over again, without realizing/recognizing the differences in each moment, it is difficult to notice anything outside the comfort zone. With the patterns that sometimes keep people stuck, it is difficult to notice/recognize anything different.

      To use an example that is common here on TED....the debate of religion/god OR science. Sometimes, the religious folks think they are "right", and science is "wrong".....and the argument goes the other way around as well.

      I love what Steve Jobs said in his speach at Stanford University......we need to "connect the dots". Religion exists, and science exists, and these are just a couple of beliefs/practices that will probably continue to exist.

      Michael asks..."Now what if there was more than even what's outside our bubble of atmosphere, even our theoretic bubble of multiverses. Is there even more, a greater beyond.?"

      I believe there is something more beyond the human life experience, I visited it with an NDE/OBE, and my experience was nothing like the "afterlife" that some people seem to believe in.

      The fact is, however, that we are HERE, NOW in human form, and for me, that is the important focus while I am here.

      The question of this topic is:
      "Is there more to life/universe than we even care to notice?"

      "Notice" is the operative word....do we want to "notice" everyting that is available to us in the moment, OR, do we want to focus on ancient texts, written by humans at a certain time in history? In my perception and experience, we can learn more about stepping out of our comfort zone by being truly in the moment, noticing, recognizing and being present in this human life adventure. Where focus goes, energy flows:>)
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        Jun 9 2013: I am not a acceptor of most religions, but a believer that they all are right and have origin, but maybe not as we literally read them as with some equal aspects being related to science. The chicken and the egg came 1st concept.

        To me, we are energy driving matter electrically. Now breaking that down more you can or building it up you can as well, this is the question isn't it? We are here and now for the sole purpose to actively experience the here and now or else we'd be in the there and then instead, right? So we are here for the purpose to experience the time span we are part of. Breaking things down to their redundancies can really be used as the basis for the question's best medium answer.
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          Jun 9 2013: I respect those who choose to use religion as a beneficial life guide, and I do not personally practice a religion either Michael.

          I wholeheartedly agree...we are here and now for the purpose of experiencing the here and now! I LOVE what you wrote..."or else we'd be in the there and then instead, right?" Makes me laugh.....thank you for that!

          Yes Michael.....I personally think that is "right"
          I keep asking the question....why do some folks live their entire life worrying about an assumed afterlife??? Doesn't make much sense to me:>)

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