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Is there more to life/universe than we even care to notice?

As we go about our daily lives, we are so focused on what needs to be done the daily logistics. Taken that into consideration, on your way to work there is an epic struggle of life and death, of battles and wars, dynamic landscapes all out in nature, while we live our fairly controlled lives.

Now what if there was more than even what's outside our bubble of atmosphere, even our theoretic bubble of multiverses. Is there even more, a greater beyond. The best way I can put this, and bare with me as I'm mostly a visual thinker without a keyboard of pictures. ( found it ( thanks youtube ))

An example of thought from the movie Men in Black ( a .38 second clip )

( In this clip, you are taken from earth, through our universe, through even that, into a multiverse of another greater universe where Extraterrestrials are playing what appears to be marbles with said universes. )

Somewhat as if there is a living fractal happening throughout every aspect of known and unknown space, where exactly would the fibonacci sequence take us in any direction we think of?

With all this being said, I ask you to think about gut feelings, and the very real phenomenon that beings seem to know information before it's time of unveiling ( ESP ), and for spiritual folks, do you think the afterlife is a realm of which is measurable?

I understand this may be too far fetched for some to want to bother with, to me this is how breakthroughs take place, to take your mind and place it somewhere else to break through too.

What do you think about this topic?
Do you have any preconceived notions about this concept?


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    Jun 5 2013: Well it's a highly philosophical question I would think.

    There may be really big aliens playing with our universe as if it was a marble, or we may exist in a universe that in reality belongs to an eye of a thousand-eyed pet fish.
    There's also the possibility of us being nothing more then computer programs or brains hooked to computers running simulations. You may not exist or if you do how do you know?

    I have the opinion that unless there is (or a possibility of obtaining) evidence supporting a thesis there is no reason to believe it. What your talking about transcends the realm of science and is purely that of fantasy. There is no way for it to be tested because there's no way for us to see "outside of the universe", if indeed there were such a thing.

    You speculate of marbles (I was intrigued by that thought too many years ago) and I gave you an equally valid explanation of a fish's eye. So you see you (or anyone) could speculate up any scenario, another being that outside the universe there's a universe of cotton candy surrounding us. These speculations will never be more then that unless there is a way for them to be tested. And gut-feelings are a really, really bad way to go about doing basically anything, especially science.

    Further more, since you promote ESP to figure this out I must ask you if you've looked at the critique on ESP, as I view it no tests have been made under reasonable experimental conditions and the ones that claim to have proof have never been replicated.

    "Isn't this enough?

    Just this world?

    Just this beautiful, complex
    Wonderfully unfathomable, NATURAL world?
    How does it so fail to hold our attention
    That we have to diminish it with the invention
    Of cheap, man-made Myths and Monsters?" - Tim Minchin, Storm
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      Jun 7 2013: But we live in a world where everything is possible. Bases of QP. As you said that would be fantasy. So we can create that fantasy in this world. And yet our world is fantasy. Have you ever seen a tree? The we need to talk about what is it that we are actually seeing and looking at? Or just its reflection? Have you ever really seen anything? Or is it just light? Thats all our eyes can see is light. Our eyes can't really see a tree just its light wave length. Can light die? http://www.fi.edu/color/
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      Jun 9 2013: This world would be completely enough, if the inhabitants worked together and used a common form of common sense, and lastly had Compassion and equality towards all living beings, This world would be enough.

      Until equality reigns supreme, this beautiful complex world will never be enough. This world isn't the issue, it's the billions of life forms on it that pose the threat of true natural freedom.

      ESP to me seems to point to a aspect within us ALL that shows us that we are not as time linear as we have believed ourselves to be. Our Gut Feeling is real to you and me, so why couldn't an increased version of that be as well if the gut feeling was practiced upon? Something I've noticed about ESP claims, is the claims for the most part aren't specific, just like randomly catches snowflakes on your tongue, each one will be different, but the act will always remain the same.

      Basically boils down to, sometimes, you can just " feel " there is more going on, specially when you can see the implied footprints leading to a wall...
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        Jun 9 2013: Good comment Michael....I agree:>)

        I perceive ESP, gut feelings, etc., to be a very natural part of us, which is part of, or connected very closely to intuition and instinct. I believe these to be natural qualities that can be nurtured, consciously practiced and improved.

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