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Is there more to life/universe than we even care to notice?

As we go about our daily lives, we are so focused on what needs to be done the daily logistics. Taken that into consideration, on your way to work there is an epic struggle of life and death, of battles and wars, dynamic landscapes all out in nature, while we live our fairly controlled lives.

Now what if there was more than even what's outside our bubble of atmosphere, even our theoretic bubble of multiverses. Is there even more, a greater beyond. The best way I can put this, and bare with me as I'm mostly a visual thinker without a keyboard of pictures. ( found it ( thanks youtube ))

An example of thought from the movie Men in Black ( a .38 second clip )

( In this clip, you are taken from earth, through our universe, through even that, into a multiverse of another greater universe where Extraterrestrials are playing what appears to be marbles with said universes. )

Somewhat as if there is a living fractal happening throughout every aspect of known and unknown space, where exactly would the fibonacci sequence take us in any direction we think of?

With all this being said, I ask you to think about gut feelings, and the very real phenomenon that beings seem to know information before it's time of unveiling ( ESP ), and for spiritual folks, do you think the afterlife is a realm of which is measurable?

I understand this may be too far fetched for some to want to bother with, to me this is how breakthroughs take place, to take your mind and place it somewhere else to break through too.

What do you think about this topic?
Do you have any preconceived notions about this concept?


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    Jun 7 2013: What is your concept of infinity/eternity? Within infinity everything is and would be arbitrary. What's up? what's down? It's infinity it would not matter. As far as feeling who's feeling would you like to use when it comes to measuring time?
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      Jun 9 2013: Infinity to me is the time yet used to implicate some sort of personal flavor / influence into this otherwise massive soup of variables that in many cases needs the be observed to be interactive. There for we create that of what we see and influence in a realm of that we haven't any clue of where it is, if not anywhere else but inside our minds.

      My question / debate wasn't to control feelings, opinion or ideals, but to see how these feelings, opinions and ideals mesh with others about this board, and in general. The meshing of ideas births the creation of new aspects to then think about more deeply. Possibly even creating innovation throughout known science, through the simple act of implying thought outside a personal box of opinion.
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        Jun 10 2013: Infinity is all around you, it is any whole (see QP). It exist between any 2 number (see fractals). And happens between every second (see planck time).

        What is the smallest unit of time you can conceive? A second? A millisecond? Hard to say seeing as how time is relative. Under the right circumstances, hours can fly by and seconds can feel like a lifetime. But unfortunately for physicists, time is not something that can be delt with so philosophically. And since they deal with cosmological forces both infinitesimally large and small, they need units that can objectively measure them. When it comes to dealing with the small, Planck Time is the measurement of choice. Named after German physicist Max Planck, the founder of quantum theory, a unit of Planck time is the time it takes for light to travel, in a vacuum, a single unit of Planck length. Taken together, they part of the larger system of natural units known as Planck units.


        More: http://cosmologistic.blogspot.com/2012/02/what-is-planck-time.html

        There is nothing in this material world that is not infinity whether that be "physical objects" or things of mind. However please show me something that would be outside of mind?

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