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Will the removal of recess from our school systems prove to be detremental to the social progress of our children?

In 2004, the Bush Administration in an attempt to curb the growing fail rate of our youth, created what we know today as "No Child Left Behind." On the surface, it sounded great in that aimed to give our students a fighting chance against the rest of the world in education but there was one clause in NCLB that few people are aware of or talk about. That is the removal of the once famed, recess. A child's one hour of relaxation has been replaced by an added piece of curriculum. There are many known benefits to children being able to play together and in a society where technology is constantly altering the social dynamics, is it fair to assume this won't affect our future children from engaging in healthy social practices?


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  • Jun 4 2013: Corbin,
    I had no idea! What an absurd idea!
    If there is one thing kids need, it is time to get their ya-yas out, get fresh air, build social skills, be alone if they need to, conquer obesity... Not to mention teachers, who also need that time to recharge!
    Recess is and should always be mandatory.
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      Jun 4 2013: hear, hear Lizanne. It is absurd . How long can an adult hold their attention with no breaks let alone a child?
      Clearly, after a period of time our attention to topic declines. A person may restore it by taking a rest, doing a different kind of activity or changing mental focus.

      Socializing ? A Huge part. I have to wonder if the people that come up with these mandate were ever educators and forget what it was like being a child!
      • Jun 4 2013: Thanks, Mary Ellen!
        Indeed, I wonder the same thing... perhaps it's convenient for them to forget, when things like power and money are at stake. To them, kids represent the future economy. They're budding consumers and laborers. No one was ever born wearing a suit and tie.

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