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There are no facts in the future

Fact-oriented behavior is considered rational and methodical by many, especially technocrats. But facts exist entirely in the past. The human future is composed of what we intend to do, what is likely or probable, what we assume and what we believe. The human future is completely devoid of facts. When this simple fact is ignored, it has a huge effect on how people (even technocrats) launch initiatives. People often fail to distinguish between "that's how things are" and "that's how they have been in the past". Shaping the future requires abandoning fact oriented thinking EXCEPT to the extent that facts from the past can shape our assumptions and beliefs. We can look at Oklahoma tornadoes from last week (i.e., a fact) and create an assumption "I should build a better basement shelter" or "I should leave Oklahoma". Neither of these has any facts but the divergent assumptions have a huge impact on the person's future. The tornado doesn't know the difference and doesn't care.


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    Jun 7 2013: I see your point and I think you are trying to say "within infinity" everything is arbitrary.
    • Jun 9 2013: Yup. History may prove us wrong, but by the time it does it will be history.
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        Jun 10 2013: I guess that how you define arbitrary right? That our problem we don't all use and subscribe to the same definition.

        If you follow Newtons third law of motion every action creates and equal but opposite reaction. Which is why it is a circle. And not a straight line.

        But truthfully everything is a sign/pattern/vibration and all signs/pattern/vibration carry information. Light just happens to do it that fastest

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