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What changes would you make to education?

I am a 16 year old high school student who is somewhat dissatisfied with education in general in today's society. Too much emphasis is placed on memorization as opposed to creativity. Many students are more concerned about getting good grades than actually learning. The focus on not making mistakes discourages innovative solutions to problems.

What I ask you is: If you had complete control, what changes would you make to the education system? Should fine arts be taught more? Should math and science? Should we have a class in logic or creativity or kindness? Should the teacher to student ratio be raised and how would this help? How can we make better use of available technology to help students learn? How can we promote creative thinking?

What practical ideas can you suggest to improve education?

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    Jun 16 2013: The expectations of a student's performance has changed . Not that long ago a student would progress through the system with a school's major focus on graduation rate; the higher rate the school was deemed performing well. Numbers, are the focus now, mastery test scores, sat scores, grade point average, college entrance, teacher's performance, etc.
    It's a different ballgame for we finally had to wake up to the fact that we now compete in a world market and the change from industrial economy to technological was exponential. Students are our future and the other challenge directly effecting a students success is socioeconomic. A student support system has shifted to the schools. 2 parents working full time barely meeting financial obligations, this stress directly effects a parents much needed engagement with their child's education. A broken health care system plays into too (another conversation), access to instant news and it's not good; unemployment, failing small businesses, cost of colleges, the opportunity of a middle class life style shirking, a broken government. students pay attention and it's not a rosy picture they are viewing. Why bother? The solution begins with smaller school populations. Magnet high schools, charter school offer a student a community in which they are given an opportunity of individualized recognition, peer comradely, relationship building with school staff. A positive and supportive community smaller schools create is just a part of much needed change but, a big part for schools are a students community they grow up in.

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