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What changes would you make to education?

I am a 16 year old high school student who is somewhat dissatisfied with education in general in today's society. Too much emphasis is placed on memorization as opposed to creativity. Many students are more concerned about getting good grades than actually learning. The focus on not making mistakes discourages innovative solutions to problems.

What I ask you is: If you had complete control, what changes would you make to the education system? Should fine arts be taught more? Should math and science? Should we have a class in logic or creativity or kindness? Should the teacher to student ratio be raised and how would this help? How can we make better use of available technology to help students learn? How can we promote creative thinking?

What practical ideas can you suggest to improve education?

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  • Jun 16 2013: Make the schools smaller so that there is less breeding ground for gangs, bullying and uncontrolled crowds of kids at lunch, after school and between classes. There seems no reason for thousands of kids in a school other than $$$ saved on building more schools.

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