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Time Travel Through History...

If you could travel back in time and observe history, where would you go and what would you see?

Here are a few things I would like to see…
• Ancient Rome – a day in the life in ancient Rome
• Egypt – building the pyramids in Egypt
• Ellis Island – a day in the life at Ellis Island in the early 1900s
• Berlin Wall – fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989
• Michelangelo – watch Michelangelo work on one of his magnificent sculptures
• United States Continental Congress
• Woodstock


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    Jun 4 2013: Apparently, I believe science has postulated that time travel is theoretically plausible. Astronauts for example when in outer space age more slowly than people on Earth. They have put atomic clocks in the space capsule and when it comes back down to Earth its time is slower than Earths.
    I don't have at my disposal all the scientific publications on the area, however, I have read about it!
    Incidentally, all our ancestors have travelled thru all those periods of time that you have mentioned. I think in the not too distant future the gaming technology sector will come up with virtual reality worlds of our times throughout history that we would be able to interact with in an almost real way! :D
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      Jun 4 2013: A virtual reality time travel game would be really cool.
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      Jun 6 2013: Yes, space and time are interconnected, it's the basis of the theory of relativity. And the things that bends space is gravity hence the heavier the slower time flows. The speed at which you're traveling also affects your wiegh (the faster you go the more mass you gain), it is in fact impossible for any gain for matter to reach the speed of light because of this. That's why time goes just a little bit faster in space (and on the north and south poles for that matter) then it would here on heavy Earth. It's even slower on the sun and time freezes when you are being sucked into a black hole (because of the enormous gravity). Without the theory of relativity to explain it our GPS systems would in fact be off by several hundred meters because of the time difference.

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