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How can education motivate students to be exceptional? And what is the role of the university to challenge them in a faster changing world?

Society is changing at a rapid pace. There are new profession and disciplines, knowledge and functions have become 'liquid'.How can a student in this complex world excel.


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  • Jun 6 2013: Two give my two cents as a current university student, I believe that there are several things that can be done to help a student excel in their learning, the first and one of the most important of which is to help students realize that learning can be fun! Rather than simply memorizing facts and figures in rote form for the simple end goal of achieving a higher grade, only to forget those mundane bits of information once the test is over, learning for the simple enjoyment of it is a value that the global education system doesn't communicate very well. It's like Pat Gilbert posted a few days ago, "being interested instead of interesting."

    So to answer your question as to how can a student excel in this complex world? My answer would say that it begins with the values that we teach children regarding knowledge. Reading a novel isn't meant to be a chore. Math is not simply 1 + 1 = 2. And science is not all cell replication and chemicals. Learning shouldn't be about test results; we need to instill in children that learning is simply fun, especially when you start knowing enough to help the people around you.

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