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The Existence of God

Is there really a God? Or did everything just poof?


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    Jun 16 2013: I believe in God so everything is meaningful for me.
    But as God have not been proven for me, I cant prove the existence of God for any others. Actually the existence of God is not provable. But Proving that God is not exist is as impossible as proving the existence of him. because not only the concept of God, before we believe in, is the proposal creature of the universe but also all of its rules. So we can use no formula about him. In the other words, proposal God would not be one of the components of the universe.
    If this without prove belief is very strange for you, just think that I have bet my life on it.
    If God is really a God, he can place faith in his believers' heart and remove any kinds of doubts from their souls and minds.
    I believe in God and everything is meaningful for me and I suggest others to believe in him so.

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