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The Existence of God

Is there really a God? Or did everything just poof?


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        Jun 14 2013: Among all the references you presented here, i love this quote,
        " Attempts to present them in the same context can only lead to misunderstandings of both."
        It is so true. Unfortunately, K-12 "science" classes have to water down the concepts to a degree that makes the presentation of such concepts absolute and irrefutable. The same article even states that this is not so. If the "theory of evolution" were presented in such a way that states that it is the leading explanation of how things came to be, backed by the scientific process, and that it can at any time be replaced by another, (if evidence is found to be contradictory,) then perhaps the animosity would quiet down. but hard hardheadedness on both sides of the coin prevent this from happening.
        thank you for the references
        • Jun 14 2013: Of course we present scientific findings that very way. We don't say that the current findings are final and absolute. We do say that such is the current understanding.

          Check a few textbooks. But do it yourself. Creationists charlatans are well known for their tendency to deform and misquote.

          The animosity won't quiet down because some people have vested interests in keeping the population ignorant. Some other people are really just sincerely against anything that contradicts their beliefs. Then snake-oil salesmen see the opportunity of the combination of ignorance and belief to make loads of money out of the ignorant masses who don't like what science is finding.
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        Jun 15 2013: Some excellent references Jimmy. And not just because it backs up my views, but some promote a view where faith is gods can be compatible with science including evolution. And a reminder that not all religious views are fundamentalist and dangerous.

        Thank you

        - Evolution is science, however, and only science should be taught and learned in science classes.

        - Isn’t belief in evolution also a matter of faith?
        Acceptance of evolution is not the same as a religious belief. Scientists’ confidence about the occurrence of evolution is based on an overwhelming amount of supporting evidence gathered from many aspects of the natural world. To be accepted, scientific knowledge has to withstand the scrutiny of testing, retesting, and experimentation. Evolution is accepted within the scientific community because the concept has withstood extensive testing by many thousands of scientists for more than a century.

        “Evidence-based facts about the origins and evolution of the Earth and of life on this planet have been established by numerous observations and independently derived......

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