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The Existence of God

Is there really a God? Or did everything just poof?


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  • Jun 14 2013: God or not, everything did indeed just poof. From the science point of view, the Universe is the product of the Big Bang and is still, to this date, expanding as a result. In Christian mythology, it's not the Universe, but God that poofs out of nowhere. Now, is there really a God ? I'm a firm believer that no, there's not, unless the Universe itself can be considered a god-like organism. The one certain thing, however, is that the Christian God is, in fact, non-existent. Christianity is a religion born from other religions, borrowing heavily from Egyptian and Greek mythology and other pagan belief systems ,this is made more obvious once you look at religions that developed in other parts of the world, away from the Mediterranean sea. Not only that, but it also morphed heavily from what it used to be. This fact alone is just proof that it only exists out of a desperate need for spirituality, because today's Abrahamic religions are absolutely nothing like what they used to be. However, faith, by its very definition, blinds a lot of people to that fact and they stick to what they've been told, because it's safe and comfortable and the unknown is scary (the very reason religions were created to begin with, explain the unknown).
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      Jun 14 2013: I will add it,that religions are suggesting or pivoting what will happen after this life.
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        Jun 14 2013: "Wil, I will appreciate it if you can explain 'They know because they've accumulated enough experience of knowing to know what they know'?"

        Jaden, to answer your question with specificity would invite the kind of attention that I try to avoid, but let me address it generally.

        There are those among us who demonstrate--if not the fullness--a large part of humankind's potential, which for many is latent, but still there. The range is vast, and their abilities would astound if they were made known, but most choose to remain in the background working on behalf of humankind, as humankind has enemies seen and unseen.

        These people know, they're the cognoscente of the human race, possessing specialized knowledge of how all things fit together, and how those things might be manipulated, not by working with what is seen, but by appealing to what is not seen, which undergirds the seen.

        Because skeptics will remain skeptics no matter the "evidence," these adepts rarely reveal themselves to the world, knowing to do so invites more than human derision, but something worse.

        They know because over time their knowing has accumulated, one knowing on top of another until that knowing hardens into conviction, especially when that conviction is demonstrable.

        You should begin your day thanking these adepts, althought they don't need it--as they're the only ones standing between you and your enemies.

        And you more than likely won't believe me, and that's a good thing. Believe me, as the saying goes, sometimes "ignorance is bliss."
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          Jun 15 2013: Your answer surely invites my curiosity.As someone suggests to keep an open mind,but this time my open mind stays with a truth that there is someone who says there are adepts in the world,I won't chase further down.

          My request is if one day you know there is a probability,that an adept could convince a skeptic into a believer,tell me.
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          Jun 15 2013: Because skeptics will remain skeptics no matter the "evidence,"

          You seem to be suggesting those who don't find what you consider evidence sufficient or compelling must be stubbornly committed to a position of not believing.

          Is this how you justify your view in light of all those who don't find it sufficient.

          Not one person who thinks you don't have enough evidence who might shift if there were a little more evidence or a more sound argument?

          It actually looks like you are acting in a way similar to those you describe as inflexible in the face of evidence. It seems a binary view if you believe there is enough evidence and all the objections are not worthy of consideration. I suggest there may be people who disagree with you but are open to better arguments or evidence.

          Disagreement with your position does not automatically mean all those who disagree with you have no sound points or are entrenched in a position.

          But I suspect you may be bouncing up against the same objections by those who look for sound arguments and sufficient evidence - and find your position not sufficiently justified based on the flawed arguments and speculative assertions.

          Perhaps its not that they are entrenched against your position. They just are entrenched against believing anything that is not sufficiently demonstrated as per your position, or that Jesus was a god, or we reincarnate or go to Hades etc.
        • Jun 15 2013: Bigots are bigots, religious or skeptic. Opinions have to change and adapt to new information and evidence. The arguments that you presented make it seem like you're speaking of a cult like any other, pretending nobody would believe them to justify their own secrecy and beliefs, and that you would even mention it, if they're so important and bent on maintaining this secrecy, makes no sense at all. It looks like a call for attention, which you claim you desperately try to avoid. Now, with compelling evidence, this group you speak of would be accepted by a lot more people than you think. Ignorance is bliss, but so is lobotomy.
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        Jun 15 2013: "there is a probability,that an adept could convince a skeptic into a believer,tell me."

        Jaden, stranger things have happened.
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      Jun 15 2013: Is God not part of the collective everything?

      If there was nothing then there was nothing, including no gods.

      Bit of an internal paradox here.

      You may need to refine the wording
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      Jun 15 2013: "Now, with compelling evidence, this group you speak of would be accepted by a lot more people than you think. Ignorance is bliss, but so is lobotomy."

      I'll pass it on. I'm certain that they would love to know your view, that you feel that they should think their anonymity through more carefully than heretofore.

      "It looks like a call for attention, which you claim you desperately try to avoid."

      You've pigeonholed us. I hope we garner so much attention that we get lost in a forest of attention.

      Thanks for your concern, your encouragement, and your thoughfulness.
      • Jun 15 2013: Rereading my own post I saw I forgot to include something. I wasn't implying that it is a call for attention, but that's what it looks like. Besides, if a group of people would so happen to have unlocked this human potential (you're actually making me think of Shaolin Monks and the things they're able to do), I, for one, would think it's pretty darn awesome.

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