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The Existence of God

Is there really a God? Or did everything just poof?


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  • Jun 12 2013: Are all presuppositions equal? Depends on what it is you're assuming, I guess. Some are more fanciful than others of course! As I said, a belief in God is (personally anyway) perfectly rational. I cannot accept the idea that in the beginning there was nothing, and nothing happened to the nothing to create some sort of bang/expansion and over billions of years we're all here. I think that is ludicrous.

    The Bible teaches God created original animal kinds. So there was a horse kind, wolf kind, bird kind, lion kind - you get the idea. Contained within each "kind" or family, was the potential for great diversification and variation. Thus, from the original wolf kind we get all sorts of dogs. The diversity and variation is amazing. As a Creationist, I believe in micro-evolution - that is to say, variation WITHIN a species. Macro-evolution requires a complete species change - i.e. dinosaur into bird; a dog evolving into a leopard, etc. So when one uses "evolution" yes, I believe in variation within a species, but not outside a species. Underneath a dog is really a wolf kind, albeit with great diversification. So in a sense yes there was an original "parent".

    Using the Bible as a basis, God created natural laws i.e. gravity. The physics of how things work, natural processes such as grass growing - of course that is natural because there is a natural law. I don't attribute its growth to some "magic being" making it grow. I would add God upholds those laws of nature.
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      Jun 12 2013: But you can accept something not having a cause capable of creating universes and existing in nothing.
      You do accept the universe coming from nothing, just with some agency to help it along rather than a natural process.


      I'm not saying you think magic is behind the things you accept have natural explanations, like a plant growing. But that is what your assumption about a magic being creating the universe or the animal kinds(whatever that is) looks to me.

      How do you decide what has a magical explanation and what doesn't. It sounds like its magic if the bible says so, or you can not grasp or accept how it might work naturally.

      Do you understand how a fertilised egg ends up a baby human. I don't fully. But by your approach if the bible said god made the babies I should believe some magic is involved not a complex natural process.

      I hope that is clearer. I'm drawing parallels between what you attribute to magic and don't , to point out how arbitrary it is attributing magic to things in nature based on ignorance and bible claims.
    • Jun 13 2013: Nobody said that dogs evolved into leopards.

      Can you identify the barrier that would stop separated populations from an original species changing so much that with time they would become completely different species? So far no scientist has found such barrier. Scientists keep witnessing populations diverging and diverging, and diverging, with no barrier stoping them so far. Some have become different species. Some with new anatomical features that allowed them to go from carnivores to herbivores, and such kind of things. No barriers. They keep diverging and looking less and less like each other.

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