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The Existence of God

Is there really a God? Or did everything just poof?


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    Jun 6 2013: Obey. Reality may just be nothing more than illusion. If you can pinpoint to me reality I can pinpoint to you Illusion. which is the one that exists??
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      Jun 6 2013: You are not real, you do not exist! This message isn't being written by a human, it's all in your head, I mean your code because in reality you have no head, you are nothing more then a simulation in a simulation made by our ancient ancestors.

      *error error, information leakage*


      You could take the approach that:
      -You think and therefore you are. (you exist)
      -At least some correct information can be derived from your senses. (You have a way of collecting evidence)

      Therefrom you can derive most of science.
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      Jun 6 2013: It may be an illusion.

      Still this life feels real. I'm not going to jump off a cliff. Are you.?

      There seems to other people and stuff we agree seems real. While it may be an illusion, we might as well assume it is real, right?
    • Jun 7 2013: that's a familiar line of thought. i think that's from the greek philosophers, sir sergi :)

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