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I'm not much of a book reader but would really love to be - HELP!

I struggle to find the time to sit down and get through a good book. That said, I somehow find insane amounts of time to while away the hours reading 'stuff' on the net!

During my most recent holiday, I read Sheryl Sandberg's 'Lean In' and started a downloaded version of Eric Schmidt/Jared Cohen's 'The New Digital Age'.... this perhaps gives you an inisght into what I would choose to read if I were to buy a book without recommendation.

I work in the technology sector and am fascinated by the advances in this space... but for goodness sakes... I need to catch a grip and fill my brain with other 'stuff'!

Which is where you guys come in.... If I may ask you - could you please advise what your:

1. Top 5 novels you've ever read (and what was it that particularly you loved about them)

2. What are the 5 books you plan to get through in 2013 (fiction or otherwise - perhaps like me you only plan to read books related to your work!!! - In which case perhaps this thread may come in useful for you as well)

Thank you all in advance for your active participation in helping me expand my brain and my reading capacity outwith technology related matters :-)



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  • Jun 7 2013: May be you should try audio books. If you drive often that'll be great and if you use public transport a lot then it'll be just fine. Make use of your public library more as you'll probably discover good books through that means. You could also have a look at goodreads.com

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