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Would you prefer to read from book rather than from online website?

Nowadays, social media has taken place as an important role in our life, instead of buying CD, we can easily find it on website. So, how about reading book. Do you find it's more exciting to read online.


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  • Jun 10 2013: I do not like my reading wtih online because it dose not provide feeling that " I am reading something." It is merely some kind of surfing the Internet, and it is easy to me to slip away while reading something on online.

    I love to get my newpaper which delived to my home in early morning, sitting down on the floor, reading it from articles with big title. And I also like editorial sections. They give me numerous insights.
    • Jun 10 2013: You remind me every time I read novel online, maybe because I didn't try to get used to it but it's like missing something precious. Reading on the computer or smartphone that makes me feel impatient to follow whole story-boarding, so I step up reading, slip away lots of chapters to get the final ending
      • Jun 10 2013: I totally agree with you Hien Pham Nguyen:) and thanks for replying my opinion.Actually, I think our
        hand and fingers are suitable for turning over the pages of a book rather than scroll the mouse or smart phone's scressn. I like sense of paper when I grap the book.
        I remain feeling of emptiness after reading through online.
        (Ops, it sounds like irony because I use keyboard and computer to join TED :).........

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