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Would you prefer to read from book rather than from online website?

Nowadays, social media has taken place as an important role in our life, instead of buying CD, we can easily find it on website. So, how about reading book. Do you find it's more exciting to read online.


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    Jun 4 2013: In terms of readability, books are definitely better than websites because we can easily go back and forward. Some people may prefer the jump-to-the-section feature of eBooks and websites, but tactility of a paper book is a useful toolkit that provides an intuitive understanding of where we are now and where we are bound for in the book.

    However, when it comes to deciding which books or websites to read, the internet has a big advantage (Thanks Google!!). Indexing is an excellent and indispensable technology in this digital era.

    So my favorite way is to read a book and sometimes look up unfamiliar words and concepts on the web.

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