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Would you prefer to read from book rather than from online website?

Nowadays, social media has taken place as an important role in our life, instead of buying CD, we can easily find it on website. So, how about reading book. Do you find it's more exciting to read online.

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    Jun 9 2013: One of life's greatest pleasures is sitting with, holding, and reading a real live actual book cover to cover!
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    Jun 3 2013: Book seems to be easier on my eyes. Why is that?
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    Jun 4 2013: I strongly prefer books. As Greg noted, pages are easier on the eye than a screen is. Further, I like to underline and write in margins when reading non-fiction and to balance a book in my lap when I am studying.

    Of course there are some valuable materials available only online and some subjects covered very much better in books and longer formats.
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        Jun 4 2013: I know, but there is something more immediate to me in writing with an implement in my own hand.. Similarly, there is something about looking into the backlit screen I don't prefer, just like I prefer natural to artificial lighting.

        People will, I think continue to have preferences for lower technology versions or higher technology versions. I am not saying one is better than the other.
      • Jun 4 2013: Both also have benefits and drawback. I myself sometimes read ebook thus I admit it's very helpful to read some books I can't afford to buy it in various and exciting way
        But if it's my hobby, I still recommend real book. Besides the benefit, good for eye, I just want to have a real book, hold it in my hand, smell its pages and enjoy the stories. It's tradition I kinda like it
        • Jun 4 2013: This is exactly what I was going to say too, Hien!
          There is nothing as intoxicating as the smell of a book! New or used...
          Also, the feel of those pages, the texture of a paperback that has traveled around the world, the slightly embossed print of each letter...
          The sounds that accompany a read - perhaps silence, perhaps a lawn mower in the distance, perhaps the sounds of your partner snoring next to you... but never the sound of a whirring computer fan.
          Reading is a sensation for all the senses!
  • Jun 10 2013: Ebooks are good for reference and searching. But handheld paper books are good for the feel and the seriousness they impart. So the best thing is to have a hard copy and a soft copy and use them both. Ebooks allow you to carry a lot of books (thousands of them) without any space constraint, but the best thing is to print them and read and then dispose them off. I hope printing technology advances enough to make this possible, say one-tenth of a cent per page would be a good starting point.
    • Jun 10 2013: yeah. I wish for that too :)
      Even though I prefer hard cover book, we cannot neglect benefits of e-book because of its comfortability.
      Advanced technologies might solve this problems...uh?
  • Jun 10 2013: I do not like my reading wtih online because it dose not provide feeling that " I am reading something." It is merely some kind of surfing the Internet, and it is easy to me to slip away while reading something on online.

    I love to get my newpaper which delived to my home in early morning, sitting down on the floor, reading it from articles with big title. And I also like editorial sections. They give me numerous insights.
    • Jun 10 2013: You remind me every time I read novel online, maybe because I didn't try to get used to it but it's like missing something precious. Reading on the computer or smartphone that makes me feel impatient to follow whole story-boarding, so I step up reading, slip away lots of chapters to get the final ending
      • Jun 10 2013: I totally agree with you Hien Pham Nguyen:) and thanks for replying my opinion.Actually, I think our
        hand and fingers are suitable for turning over the pages of a book rather than scroll the mouse or smart phone's scressn. I like sense of paper when I grap the book.
        I remain feeling of emptiness after reading through online.
        (Ops, it sounds like irony because I use keyboard and computer to join TED :).........
  • Jun 8 2013: After all hard- working day, I just want to sit to read books and enjoy relaxing, quiet atmosphere without related to media
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    Jun 8 2013: Personally, even when I have an digital copy of a book, I tend to print it out and then read it. It's probably because of the fact that reading from a hard copy gives you such good feeling than from reading from a tablet.
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    Jun 4 2013: My reading habit started with book so still book has got special place with for example silly thing like smell of papers of new book is something which I can't get from book I read online.....

    But yes online reading also slowly created it's own space for me.
    • Jun 4 2013: I can't agree more even it may be silly thing but in some way I prefer traditional way
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    Jun 4 2013: In terms of readability, books are definitely better than websites because we can easily go back and forward. Some people may prefer the jump-to-the-section feature of eBooks and websites, but tactility of a paper book is a useful toolkit that provides an intuitive understanding of where we are now and where we are bound for in the book.

    However, when it comes to deciding which books or websites to read, the internet has a big advantage (Thanks Google!!). Indexing is an excellent and indispensable technology in this digital era.

    So my favorite way is to read a book and sometimes look up unfamiliar words and concepts on the web.
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    Jun 3 2013: I do like both. Book can be more handy when my smart-phone is running out of juice or when the aeroplane is taking off.
  • Jun 8 2013: I prefer books. It seems inappropriate to take a tablet into the bathroom.
  • Jun 8 2013: That depends on the situation, if I am working it is more comfortable to read from my computer's screen, but if I'm in bed nothing beats the paper.
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    Jun 6 2013: I don't like reading online and i'd rather going with the old way. However, during the past 4 years, I have been much more in reading Ebooks on my reader, cuase it is more onvenient.
  • Jun 4 2013: book
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    Jun 3 2013: I prefer a Kindle
    • Jun 3 2013: I really like my kindle. However, sometimes it seems that there is something missing. The whole ritual of taking the big ancient book, opening it etc.
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        Jun 4 2013: Not me. I love buying a book from Amazon (I'm not a schill) and having it in a minute or two with no sales tax and no shipping, I love the built in dictionary. I love being able to carry around a bunch of books that weigh nothing. I love reading from electronic ink much easier on my eyes.

        You can have your tomes I will take the Kindle.
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        Jun 4 2013: It beats what I'm comparing it to...