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Does your country have an Electronic Direct Democratic (E2D) party?

I'm curious to find TEDsters who know of, or are members of any E2D party that might exist in your home country.

I'd like to hear some of the success stories you've had and how the general implementation of the party is going.

I'd also really like to talk to and/or help anyone thinking of starting a new E2D party in a country.

In case you haven't heard of E2D (which most of you likely haven't) I'll provide a link to the manifesto here: http://e2d-international.org/manifesto/


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    Jul 1 2013: No, and I am not in favor of it.
    Consider. Facebook, Tube, Twit, Google, etc., etc. and then there are the banks, all those government offices, income tax preparation, the list of work on home computers goes on and on. Now you want to add really important governing functions to some or all of us. As it is most of our cognitive functions are one step out of the toilet as it is and now you want to add the voting on a new trade agreement with Zimbabwe? You got to get serious.
    Did I mention Amazon.com and Netflix?
    • Jul 2 2013: Is your opinion against this because you want no more activity on the computer? This is why I suggest delegation be part of it, someone who just does not want to be active on the computer (or other information delivery system), or does not want to be involved in trade agreements with Zimbabwe, can delegate their vote. To these people the system works similar to what it does now, periodically you go to a government or community office and specify who you delegate your vote to. end of story.

      Except you have more freedom, you can delegate to anyone (can be a representative of traditional political parties), change delegation at any time. Or can vote yourself if you see your delegate has a momentary lapse of intelligence (can still be done at the community office if society sets that up).

      Having your voice directly counted in the governance of Your country does not need to be a heavy chore.

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