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Does your country have an Electronic Direct Democratic (E2D) party?

I'm curious to find TEDsters who know of, or are members of any E2D party that might exist in your home country.

I'd like to hear some of the success stories you've had and how the general implementation of the party is going.

I'd also really like to talk to and/or help anyone thinking of starting a new E2D party in a country.

In case you haven't heard of E2D (which most of you likely haven't) I'll provide a link to the manifesto here: http://e2d-international.org/manifesto/


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  • Jun 29 2013: Last page

    Another advantage of a representative is a representative has to sort through all those issues for me, (saving my time and energy) and I have “delegated” my vote to that individual on all those issues. Of course I can interact with my representative in ways they set up for interaction and thus influence her vote. Is it a bad system? Yes. But when compared to all the alternatives, it is the best one out there at the moment. I hope you develop a better alternative with risks no greater than we have now and built on valid assumptions.

    There are so many holes in this concept. This is why the US and most other non-3rd world countries have no interest in it.
    • Jun 30 2013: Under a DD you can still have paid bureaucrats whose job is to sort through issues, voted into their positions by majority vote like politicians now, but the population vetoing any conclusions they make.

      The Direct Democracy systems we describe may never take off, maybe the populations in the US and other developed countries are too smart to accept a system where they can vote for the themselves on issues. A think the world is starting to turn, people see their representatives as ineffectual, and are wanting more control over their futures. Even if it is flawed if enough people support it then it will work into the existing system, for better or worse.

      To me this is a simple question, do you agree with the concept of democracy, if you do it means you trust the population to make decisions governing itself. What we have now is not a pure democracy, it is distorted to the point where the wishes of the population are not being acted out. If you do not trust the population then you do not agree with democracy and some form of dictatorship is needed, like we have now. It is not necessarily a bad dictatorship, the small governing body does make effort to give positive results back to the population, but it is not a true democracy.

      The implementation of DD is not simple, but that does not mean the concept should be discarded.

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