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Does your country have an Electronic Direct Democratic (E2D) party?

I'm curious to find TEDsters who know of, or are members of any E2D party that might exist in your home country.

I'd like to hear some of the success stories you've had and how the general implementation of the party is going.

I'd also really like to talk to and/or help anyone thinking of starting a new E2D party in a country.

In case you haven't heard of E2D (which most of you likely haven't) I'll provide a link to the manifesto here: http://e2d-international.org/manifesto/


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    Jun 15 2013: Yes I've heard of such systems, electronic voting systems or (E2D) as you call it, but to be honest his is the first time for me to know more about it, I believe this will secure democracy specially to a third world countries like us. I wish to see this system one day implemented in the third world countries to avoid the endless issues related to fraud in the voting process that used to happen.

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