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If there were no such thing as sleep, what would you do at night?

Would you be more productive? Or less?

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    Jun 3 2013: Hello. Answering your question first: You may be more productive at first but then you might accumulate tiredeness and be less productive than before you stopped sleeping properly.

    Sleep is very important and you should do the best to get the minimum of 8 hours sleep for 24 hours. If your lack of sleep is really serious talk to a specialist (doctor/pshychologist or so), if it isn't very serious then try to relax do something you like but that helps you relax. Don't exercise, read or drink alcohol/caffee/green or black tea before going to bed.
  • Jun 3 2013: If there were no such thing as sleep, I'd read books or star gaze at night. The stars reveal their beauty in the dark sky, a perfect time to stare at their prefection. :)
  • Jun 3 2013: Hi Lawrence,
    as a huge fan of sleep, this has got me thinking on all different levels.

    Assuming that we would no longer need sleep, biologically, and our bodies have found another way to recharge, and our minds have need another way to rest and process information, I think the economy would leap on this opportunity to abolish the '9-5' mentality altogether. Businesses around the world would be open 24 hours a day, employment would be astronomical (assuming there would be different people doing the day and night shift) and time zones would no longer hinder us in global communication.

    I wonder, however, if we would live to see our 40th birthdays... The 'luxury' of sleep implies security and safety. Without it, people would be in a constant state of alertness, which can't be healthy. At the same time, perhaps less criminal activity would take place, because everyone would be awake and alert in the dark hours of the night.

    As far as evolution goes, you can wonder if our senses would be affected by being more active at night. Maybe we would develop a more heightened sense of night vision.

    A fascinating suggestion...
  • Jun 3 2013: The same thing I do every night...plan to take over the world
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    Jun 3 2013: G'day Lawrence

    That's a loaded question, the obvious of course however other than that some people need to talk more with their families more but of course I already do that because we don't watch TV. Read, talk, meditate & study the stars when clear enough to do so.

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      Jun 3 2013: Just curious, Mat, do you have a TV but don't watch it, or do you not have a TV at all? Do you have other forms of electronic entertainment/info, such as radio or going to movies?
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        Jun 3 2013: G'day Greg

        Most of the time we have musical cd's playing all day & I do watch home movies but I don't go out to the movies these days. I'm not against media all together just what I deem mindless rubbish.

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          Jun 5 2013: So, Mat, is there some reason why musical cd's would be less "mindless rubbish" than TV or movies?
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        Jun 5 2013: G'day Greg

        Mindless rubbish to me would be different to what you deem mindless rubbish & the same goes with anyone.

        Recently we experienced a home invasion & the forensic police officers said to me don't expect to much it's nothing like what you see on TV especially the programs from the US, the British programs are a little more true to life. If your going to right about life as it is right how it is not insert fantasy within the truth.

        Do I deem some music to be mindless rubbish like I would movies? Yes of course but I don't deem all TV, movies & music to be mindless rubbish, to me there's a lot more mindless rubbish on TV these days than any other media but of course I also deem a lot of movies made these days mindless as well mainly because they rely on the special effects more than the story line.

        I use to watch shows like compass, four corners & insight which were about real life & other shows that were just about entertainment like Foyles war, A country practice & Mash which some people deemed as rubbish & I suppose it was to a certain extent.

        A lot of the US shows these days I deem as mindless rubbish but a lot of the British shows to me are going the same way & the never ending reality shows that Aussies put out is astoundingly boring to me but not to other however in saying that a lot of people with more TV stations are saying there's nothing to watch. When I was a kid we had two to three TV stations to pick from & didn't seem to have a problem in finding something worth watching.


        PS I have the whole series of Mash & Get smart which of course to many is & was mindless rubbish, each to there own I say.
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          Jun 6 2013: Oh, so sorry to hear about your home invasion, Mat, how the heck did that happen? Do you live in an isolated area, or are you surrounded by neighbors?

          Thanks for all the info on TV in your country as it is interesting to hear about life in other countries.

          Apparently you are finding the music of higher quality. Do you think music is always of higher quality than TV, or is that just the current state? In either case, whether music is always better, or just better right now, what would be the reason?

          Love back.
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        Jun 6 2013: G’day Greg

        When you get up in the middle of the night to go to the loo & find people in your house it’s sort of a bit of a shock, it was a good thing they weren’t violent. The one I saw jumped straight out of the window 10ft or more to escape & by the time I got to the front door he was right up the street. The one I saw came through our kitchen window.
        I live in town these days & by the sounds of it violence & other crimes have escalated somewhat in the past few years, sign of the times!!
        I would say music is of a higher quality, we do listen to a lot of US artists & thankfully this hasn’t gone the same way as the shows in my opinion anyway. I think the music quality is better these days for sure & even the artists are more in tune (professional) in my opinion.

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          Jun 7 2013: Yeah, terrifying, Mat. The son of my mother's hairdresser was killed in a home invasion, looks like the older brother was involved in drugs, some thugs came to the house, threatened Mom, younger brother steps in to protect her and is shot to death. Glad yours was relatively mild.

          But still, do you think music has always been better, or is it just a current phenomenon? What would explain either situation?

          I don't listen to music as much as I like because I have an apartment and I don't want to disturb my neighbors, and headphones are a pain. Never have had a TV, do listen to talk radio, it's quite nice because all kinds of ordinary people call in and give their opinions, also go to movies but you might think them mindless drivel, but I enjoy them, I'm somewhat limited as my theater only shows the real popular ones and I don't like to travel. Are you a person who mostly goes for the documentary or the art house type cinema, and disdains the popular ones? Or perhaps it just depends on the movie?
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        Jun 7 2013: G’day Greg
        But still, do you think music has always been better, or is it just a current phenomenon? What would explain either situation? That is a hard question to answer, I don’t think music was better over flicks & I would say personally that it is a current phenomenon only because the flicks these days rely too much on special effects however in saying that some of the flicks put out these days have good content without relying on special effects. I think it depends on the individual’s likes & dislikes. I can sit & watch silent flicks & enjoy them more than today’s flicks but like I said it does depend upon the flicks & their content.

        Yes I thoroughly enjoyed documentaries when I was watching TV & I do tend to like the less popular flicks, I think the reason for this is I’m not looking or have a need for sensationalism in my life as I’m quite content with it, some people need to be stimulated to enjoy life I just enjoy life for what it is even after our home invasion.

        We tracked down the young bloke who robed us, we know he’s name & everything, he is so lucky I’m a pacifist these days & that I’m not still hanging around with bikies from Sydney who used to produce amphetamines for their main income, he wouldn’t be around in one peace.

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    Jun 3 2013: Same as in day time.

    More productive?

    As compared to my previous self... yes
    In comparison to others....No change( if you apply theory of relativity here)
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    Jun 7 2013: I'd stay on the computer and make comments on ted all night.
    Hey, I do that anyway.
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    Jun 3 2013: get into crime. or think more about the day that has just passed.
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    Jun 3 2013: I get why one would be more productive, why might one be less productive?

    Lawrence, did you mean for this convo to only go one day? You can add more time by hitting "edit" and adding more time.
  • Jun 3 2013: Read or mess with the computer. Get rid of beds.