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Is the world really going to sit back and watch as these peaceful protesters in Turkey are attacked by police with chemical weapons?

Peaceful protesters are being attacked with chemical weapons and RUN OVER by swat vehicles. Is this not worthy of help from the world? Is it possible that respect can be worth more than a resource that we readily fight for at the drop of a hat? Why are human rights being ignored? Peaceful protest meets non-peaceful police and the world just stands by and watches. Where is this right? Do our leaders have any morals? We intervene whenever a resource is in the equation.


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  • Jun 16 2013: Hi Nicholas lukowiak
    you dont know anything about moslems,as ,when you were born, you didnt know any thing.
    Im moslem and I dont see any difffrent between you and I.
    and you must know that your government make this bad situation for moslem people,so we dont need the help of humans like you,just perevent your government that they doing.
    we are Iranian and so soon that you cant think it, we will become powerfull,but not like you.becaese my religion said :each human is respectable.
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      Jun 16 2013: Curious here Haman............are you per chance claiming that the US govt organized the Turkish protesters in the first instance to carry out the park protest or are you perchance harping on about the Iranian nuclear program????

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