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Is the world really going to sit back and watch as these peaceful protesters in Turkey are attacked by police with chemical weapons?

Peaceful protesters are being attacked with chemical weapons and RUN OVER by swat vehicles. Is this not worthy of help from the world? Is it possible that respect can be worth more than a resource that we readily fight for at the drop of a hat? Why are human rights being ignored? Peaceful protest meets non-peaceful police and the world just stands by and watches. Where is this right? Do our leaders have any morals? We intervene whenever a resource is in the equation.


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    Jun 11 2013: Yes, it always did...
    The world is not any one specific...
    The world is I and you and he and she and we and they and all of us.
    So ask yourself: "Self, are you going to sit back and watch ???"
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      Jun 12 2013: I'm doing what I'm capable of. My voice will not be heard the same as leaders that should be speaking. All I can do is inform. I agree with everything you said too. We need to realize that we are all connected. What happens to one will happen to the next, eventually. Turning a blind eye solves nothing. Picking up weapons solves nothing. I believe helping to understand solves everything.
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        Jun 13 2013: Yes you do, by raising your question here, letting others the opportunity to think and react. Thank you for that.

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