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Is the world really going to sit back and watch as these peaceful protesters in Turkey are attacked by police with chemical weapons?

Peaceful protesters are being attacked with chemical weapons and RUN OVER by swat vehicles. Is this not worthy of help from the world? Is it possible that respect can be worth more than a resource that we readily fight for at the drop of a hat? Why are human rights being ignored? Peaceful protest meets non-peaceful police and the world just stands by and watches. Where is this right? Do our leaders have any morals? We intervene whenever a resource is in the equation.


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    Jun 10 2013: I hope it will, but I'm afraid it won't. I'm from Serbia, almost the same was happening here 10+ years ago, and no one seemed to care. On top of it all, the world media described us as 'crazy serbs' - a nickname which still sticks.
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      Jun 10 2013: Could this be why the nickname 'crazy serbs' still sticks......................??




      Just asking.......................
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        Jun 10 2013: There was a war, both sides were equally guilty, and as with everything there are two sides of the story. We were cut off, and the world only got to see/hear one side of it - which is what you've so tremendously proven right now with your comment. ;)
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          Jun 11 2013: Suggest that's far from what I've proven!

          And so does..................".We were cut off" = Genocide and ethnic cleansing is Justified and Ok ??
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        Jun 11 2013: Hah! You posted all the links that describe Serbia as the aggressor, proving my point that people usually hear about one side, and then believe in it firmly since they were baby fed for years on such information via media.
        You're putting words in my mouth. I meant that no one bothered to hear the other side. It went both ways. It wasn't like bombing innocent people - it was war, both sides had their armies and losses. The world only got to see what the media wanted them to see - which is why there's so little information on what's been going on in Turkey.
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          Jun 11 2013: Ok, Branislav...........kindly post some reputable links that counter that the Serbs did NOT engage in Genocide or ethnic cleansing.

          If your argument is based on that 'It was war' then on the same token maybe you would like to tell us the Holocaust was Ok because the Nazis had declared war on the Jews?

          And last time I looked ethnic cleansing was all about innocent people, unless being of certain ethnicity deems one 'guilty' of being a criminal.
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        Jun 11 2013: You're clearly missing the point and going off topic for whatever reason. But based on your profile and your previous comments on TED.com I suggest you read http://www.ted.com/pages/conversations_terms before continuing.
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          Jun 11 2013: Suggest YOUR the kid that went 'Off Topic' in the first instance by bringing SERBIA into the picture and now that I took you to task over that point you are starting to cry foul and are intimating I am not playing within the terms of engagement of TED.

          As for any of my previous comments herein....................suggest once I start telling lies or going into personal denigration like some herein have done because I have asked questions, I have no case to answer under the terms of TED.

          However feel free to put on the table for ALL to see wherein you believe I have transgressed and why?

          Oh and while your at it also kindly let us all know why and how my 'profile' (I am assuming you are referring to my avatar) is getting your nose out of joint?

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        Jun 11 2013: ee, you keep doing it - the point of every single comment I made was the media and their power and yet you tried to turn it into something it's not.
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          Jun 11 2013: Suggest that's far from every single point you made/were making in that it is/was about the power of the media.

          As for the power of the media......................who is doing the protesting, throwing the molotov cocktails, firing the water cannons and tear gas, etc, etc? Certainly not the media.


          And lets be totally honest here ............from what I have seen on this discussion forum and others, all Topics flow off on varied tangents due to people mentioning points they feel are related or have a similar basis (just like you did with Serbia)...................and yes that then can further flow/develop along certain lines that the initial poster had not hoped for ..........ala You, when you mentioned Serbia and I took your 'crazy Serb' comment down another road, which it appears it turns out you find/found unpalatable.

          "You can argue interpretations.................
          But you can't argue the facts.......................... "


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