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How do you show appreciation?

Today, I directed my children's choir during a performance. I was proud as punch of how they made the most of their voices, how they truly understood what they were singing, and how they were carrying that message over to the audience, who got it.

After the performance, one of the youngest members of my choir came up to me and said she had a really fun time singing this morning, and that I was the best teacher she ever had. My heart was filled with appreciation.

How do you show your appreciation?
Who have you recently appreciated, and why?

  • Jun 2 2013: It is rare o find a child with enough maturity to understand that everyone appreciates kind words, even teachers.

    I generally try and recognize effort, diligence, facing adversity with honor, grace under pressure, and demonstrations of outstanding moral character or action by recognizing the person, shaking a hand, and just saying "Well done". Usually such attributes are their own reward, but now and then, it doesn't hurt to be recognized.

    I recognize anyone and everyone I see accomplish such actions, strangers, familiy members, co-workers, and friends.
    • Jun 3 2013: Hi Robert,
      you know, appreciation can really be shown in the smallest gesture. This young girl's words, (she just recently turned 6) and her big smile was enough to make months of effort worth it. I agree, I was impressed that of all the members, most of which are twice her age, she knew the importance of showing her gratitude.

      It's exactly what you say, recognition. An applause after a performance, a pat on the back, a smile.
      I find appreciation daily, right here on TED. I know my words will be read, pondered over and respected, just as I will read, ponder and respect others. Genuine two-way appreciation.
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    Jun 2 2013: JFK put it best as far as how to show your appreciation.

    "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."

    Recently, I've appreciated all of my teachers, friends, and teammates for what they've done for me and our little high school community.
  • Jun 3 2013: I am appreciating all of you right now, for being here, for contributing, for your integrity and your respect, for your truth and honesty. If you can, imagine a deeply gracious smile and a warm embrace, given from me to you, with the most genuine appreciation I can muster.
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    Jun 3 2013: By return act of kindness and gratitude. I may not always prefer to verbalize the feeling of appreciation but will remember and repay by action.
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    Jun 3 2013: I constantly by nature find myself giving appreciation to others. My TED posts will often incorporate appreciation in them. An appreciation for others points of view/thoughts/comments and time. We all give our time here to make these posts. Time is something that we may give but cannot get back. As such, it is a generous act.
    When we don't appreciate something, we take it for granted. When we take things for granted, we lose our respect for them and as a consequence we become less as a person.
    When I see someone, an individual, I not only see that person but I also see their entire lineage, their entire family tree journey from wherever we all started so many millenia ago. In effect we are all time travellers! :D
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    Jun 3 2013: try to say thank you a lot, even when it's just a small thing like someone handing me a pencil.

    Also try to recognize when someone says something good, like when someone makes a good point, I'll say "good point," or when asks a good question I'll say "great question."

    When I walk on the street I make frequent eye contact with the people walking toward me, I just enjoy looking into people's eyes, seeing their faces and expressions, it's amazing how many smiles and nods and "how's it going?'s" I get, it's just all day smiles.

    I appreciate you, L, what I love about you is your responsiveness, how you get back to people on these convos, plus saying good stuff to begin with.
    • Jun 3 2013: Greg, you definitely have grasped the concept that an act of appreciation can be something so simple! I too, live by this. Thank you for your compliments! I feel I have finally found a place where I can voice my thoughts and feel appreciated in doing so. :)
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    Jun 3 2013: No dearth of ideas to show appreciation
    words written or spoken, gestures , deeds and
    Sometimes just being around .

    I usually appreciate people, it encourages and makes them happy.
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    Jun 3 2013: G'day Lizanne

    I thank people a lot especially when I have enjoyed their company. Shout them a beer or two or dinner, help them when I'm needed.

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    • Jun 3 2013: LaMar,
      helping each other out like this is a sign of genuine appreciation, absolutely. I can't imagine, those other 20 cars didn't feel a pang of guilt as they sped by you. This is a good example of yet another stigma based on lack of trust in each other, when trust in each other is what we need most of all!!
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    Jun 7 2013: I don't know,.

    Receiving a gesture of appreciation is a very personal bound between the giver and the receiver. It's like the sound of someone’s voice that enables you to easily find them in a crowd when they call out your name. You feel a flush of satisfaction when you recognize the caller. You have been identified as worthy of someone else’s attention. Receiving appreciation is similar to that If done suddenly without a foreshadowing.

    A smile and a touch are usually good affectual gestures.
    That special knowing look speaks to their humanity.

    Children love it when the teacher is not only strong and in control but also soft and human like them. It gives them power to affect that human side of you and still feel safe within the strength of your presence. The give and take of appreciation adds a sweetness to life, enhancing its spiritual flavour. It makes being human a wonderful experience.

    Most of the time, when an event is a collaborative effort, at it's conclusion, there is a sense of accomplishment that needs no words to express. It is internally understood that it is the mutuality that created the moment that all can appreciate together.