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Examples of symbiosis between humans and the natural environment. What are the most innovative contemporary examples?

As a species it seems that we have evolved to become further and further separated from our natural environment. We have created our own independent realm in which to thrive.. and in doing so have negatively influenced the natural environment with which we are so closely integrated.

I am interested in the best ways we as a species have developed symbiotic relationships with the natural world (between our built environment and the natural environment).

Where have we accomplished this the best thus far, and what are some propositions that may work to a maximum mutual benefit?

I am curious to hear you input.


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  • MR T

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    Jun 3 2013: Our air food and water, all provided free of charge by plants and animals. Great symbioses but screwing one often benefits another, eg. cutting forests for farmland decreases water catchment and increases climate change.

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