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How do you feel about the protests in Istanbul?

Just want to know how people feel about these unfolding events and the crimes being committed against these protesters.


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    Jun 8 2013: I think people should be able to peacefully & respectfully have their say.
    I spent 4 weeks in Istanbul with my husband & experienced some of the protests. We stayed in a flat in Sisli & regularly passed through Taksim Square on the metro & funicular. When the protests escalated, the closest we went was a five minute walk away. But we saw protesters, police, & destruction in different parts of the city.
    For the first few days, all was quiet– we didn’t know anything was going on. Then, things changed on 5/31 when the police got involved. On the tram to connect to the Kabatas funicular, there was announcement that Taksim was closed. So we took the other tunnel that stops on Istiklal St & walked in the direction of the flat, which was also toward Taksim. We passed a police staging area where they had gas masks & a water truck. A few minutes later, we saw smoke & a small crowd running toward us from the direction of the square, so we ran down a side street. After walking for about 10 minutes, seeing another small group of people running, & hearing a flash bang in front of us, we grabbed a taxi home.
    The police left Taksim 6/1 & the following afternoon, people returned. The next 2 nights in our neighborhood, people hung Turkish flags out their window, flashed apartment lights, & made a lot of noise (honking horns, pounding spoons on pots, etc.). It seemed like a peaceful way to demonstrate.
    On 6/2, we tried to go to Taksim, but the metro was closed. Our station was the closest to Taksim, so the trains stopped there & everyone had to exit. We saw a group who had just exited singing & chanting– some had Turkish flags, one had a V mask. It did not feel angry or violent.
    On the way to the airport 6/3 at 7:00 AM, we saw a lot of destruction in the streets- debris, piles of twisted metal, graffiti on vehicles, & shattered bus stop enclosures. We passed an area with pepper spray in the air & started to sneeze. We can’t speculate on who caused the destruction or their motives.

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