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How do you feel about the protests in Istanbul?

Just want to know how people feel about these unfolding events and the crimes being committed against these protesters.


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  • Jun 2 2013: Thousands of people are protesting not only in Istanbul but also Ankara,Izmir and other 45 cities.Childrens,elders,socialist,nationalist,non muslims,women protest against Destruction of Park,alcohol ban and many other new laws.It is not political,it's peaceful protest,however police use of force,then everything is changed -just watch videos from people cams - Last night streets are filled with teargas and rocks;today protesters are cleaning up streets in Taksim.(I mean many protesters are not violent-minded)
    Support our peaceful protest ; have a nice and green day :)
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      Jun 2 2013: I'm doing my best to show people what is going on! Most people are, sadly, more ignorant than the gov't that's being challenged in Turkey! I'm losing hope in my country and my people. I wish all these Turkish protesters the best and hope they achieve their goal soon!

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